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Clinical negligence claims categories

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Compensation amounts for clinical negligence

NHS average compensation payouts

Discover how to calculate the amount of compensation you can claim from the NHS for clinical negligence for pain and suffering, financial loss with examples for all manner of injury types. Includes how to recover the legal costs for making your claim from the NHS trust when you have instructed a solicitor to help with your claim.

Clinical negligence claims involving babies

Birth Injury Compensation: Hospital Medical Negligence Accident Claims

How to claim compensation for hospital error causing injury to your baby whilst giving birth.

hospital clinical negligence claims

Clinical Negligence Claim

Defective medical equipment

Medical Accident Claim: Failure Of Medical Equipment

Claim compensation when failure of a stent causes injury.

Dental negligence

Claim Compensation For Dental Error: Root Canal Causing Injury

Broken drill during dental procedure causes injury.

Hernia medical accidents

Can I Make A Clinical Negligence Medical Claim For Hernia Operation?

Hernia repair operation causes a strangulated hernia.

Hospital negligence

Hospital Negligence Following A Motorway Car Crash

Find out if you should attempt to claim for hospital negligence as a result of your treatment following a car crash on the motorway when you are already claiming injury compensation from the driver that caused the crash.

Hospital Misdiagnosis Leading To Deformed Shoulder

When you can claim compensation for an hospital consultant indicating a fractured shoulder following a road accident was inoperable leading to deformity when in actual fact an operation could have taken place.

Medical negligence solicitor

Medical Negligence Claims Solicitor: Choosing The Best

Find out the process you should follow to select a good clinical negligence solicitor to help you claim compensation.

Summary of clinical negligence claims

In this articles you have found links to our clinical injury solicitor detailed answers to online questions and common medical accident questions with access to our specialist solicitor free help service.

Online specialist solicitor free help

See our clinical injury solicitor online help options – to select from the free legal we offer, including asking your own online clinical negligence claim question or arranging a solicitor callback.