Car Accident Fractured Sternum Injury Compensation

Car Accident Fractured Sternum Injury Compensation: How much car accident compensation should the insurance company be offering me for my fractured sternum claim?

Car Accident Fractured Sternum Injury Compensation: I had a car accident a year ago – the guilty driver accepted responsibility, so his insurance company agreed to pay me compensation.

My car was written off and I have already received payment for its full value. I received a fractured sternum injury and upper and lower back pain. I’m receiving physio at present for my back pain which I have been told might be permanent.

Car Accident Solicitor Response: The amount of compensation you should receive for your injuries depends on many things, including

car injury fractured sternum injury compensation

Car Injury Fractured Sternum Injury Compensation

It is absolutely critical that you have all the personal injuries you suffered in your car accident described by a medical expert in what is known as a medico legal report, which will include what is known as a prognosis. The prognosis will describe your injuries’ continuing symptoms and complications into the future, the severity of those complications and an estimate of their duration.

The prognosis will be used by your solicitor to estimate the amount of compensation you are entitled to for your physical injuries and may also have implications on your financial losses, such as future loss of income – the report may suggest that your injuries may affect your future ability to work. Your financial losses can form a very large part of your compensation claim.

A report describing your injuries should be prepared by a consultant orthopaedic surgeon – neither a physio nor a GP report will be sufficient to properly value your compensation.

Once this report is completed the amount of compensation you can claim can be quickly valued.

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2. Psychological injury from your car accident

Psychological injuries as well as physical injuries should be considered – it is common that a car accident of the nature you have suffered could have caused psychological injuries. Females are known to be more susceptible than males. You may be a nervous driver or passenger, have flash backs, irritation, mood swings etc.

3. Is a personal injury solicitor acting in your car accident claim for compensation?

I cannot determine from your message whether you have a personal injury solicitor acting for you in your claim. I cannot stress enough – if you are to recover the correct sum of compensation it is essential that you have a specialist solicitor acting on your behalf.  Reason being that even though an insurance company may offer you money – it will not be enough unless every injury and financial loss (lost income, prescription/medical expenses, loss of assistance in the home, travel expenses to GP/hospital etc) has been properly detailed and explored.

If you have a specialist personal injury solicitor acting he should be able to advise you on a range of values to your claim.

Remember – in a personal injury claim – the cost of instructing a solicitor, medical report fees and court fees can all be claimed from the guilty driver’s insurers as part of your claim in addition to compensation for your injuries and expenses.

4. Free online assistance with your UK car injury fractured sternum compensation claim

If you are not in contact with an accident solicitor or you would like to discuss your claim generally either in person or online I am are happy to help.

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