Car Accident Whiplash Claim: Can we claim for our UK car accident and whiplash claims when the driver at fault gives false details?

Car accident whiplash claim: I was driving my car with my wife as a front seat passenger, we were in slow moving traffic when my car lurched forward with some force. I got out to see the back of my car had been hit by another vehicle. The driver of the other vehicle was a young man who quickly admitted the accident was his fault.

car accident whiplash claim

Car Accident Whiplash Claim

We pulled into a side street and he gave me his details including his mobile number and I took his registration number.

My car was quite badly damaged, but the man explained that the car was his dad’s and he was covered on his insurance. A few hours later both my wife and I started to feel pain in our necks. My pain was quite mild, but my wife’s pain kept her up all night.

We went to see our GP and were diagnosed with whiplash injuries. I informed my insurer of my accident and I have just received a letter to say that the contact details given by the other driver were false and the registration was not registered.

My wife and I wish to make car accident and whiplash claim for compensation.

Car Accident Solicitor Response: “Yes,” you can still make car accident and whiplash claim for compensation even though false details were given by the driver.

If the driver cannot be located by your insurer you should take the following steps:

1. Notify the police of your car accident and whiplash injuries

You should tell the police of the circumstances of your road traffic accident and the fact that guilty driver gave false details. The police will look into whether the driver can be traced.

2. Notify the Motor Insurers Bureau that the driver of the vehicle is untraced and submit your UK car accident and whiplash claims under the untraced drivers agreement

Once you notify the Motor Insurers Bureau it will do thorough searches for the individual who caused your accident.

If the guilty driver is located and he has insurance the MIB will notify his insurer of your claim. If he is located and does not have insurance your car accident whiplash claims will continue with the Motor Insurers Bureau, but under the uninsured drivers agreement.

Click accident car insurance to see the page I have written explaining all about UK motor insurance and the Motor Insurers Bureau.

3. Have a UK specialist road traffic accident solicitor contact your free of charge to discuss your car accident whiplash claim

I would strongly recommend you involve a UK specialist RTA solicitor in making a claim to the Motor Insurers Bureau – these claims can be quite complicated and there are many tight deadlines, which if missed will result in your claim failing.