NHS Hospital Negligence Claim

Bleeding On Brain NHS Hospital Negligence Claim: Fall Out Of Bed Following An Operation

UK clinical negligence solicitor sets out how to claim compensation for the death of a spouse following a fall out of a hospital bed following an operation

Medical Negligence Victim Question

My wife fell out of bed at night in an NHS hospital following an operation on her kidney. She was unconscious at the time following the operation and the no security bars were put around the bed to prevent accident. She banged her head quite badly.

It was 24 hours after her fall that she was sent for a scan and it was revealed she had bleeding on the brain. An emergency operation took place at the hospital, but she suffered complications and died.

We have three young children and I would like to know if my children and I can claim compensation from the hospital NHS trust for my wife’s death?

NHS Hospital Negligence Solicitor Response

It is quite possible that the NHS Trust will be considered at fault for your wife’s accident and subsequent death.

She was under the care of the hospital and whilst in a vulnerable state she was not made safe such that she fell out of the hospital bed. In addition the hospital should have checked her head immediately following the fall especially when a bang to the head occurs.

The examination and scan would have identified the problem and could have prevented the problem becoming life threatening.

As the husband you will be entitled to claim compensation from the NHS Trust. This can include different elements including a sum for the pain of the loss of your wife (bereavement compensation), a dependency claim (if anyone was dependent on your wife’s income) and your wife’s funeral expenses.

If you would like to commence a claim for compensation for your wife’s death with a specialist hospital negligence solicitor or to speak to me in person about the accident click bleeding on the brain fatal hospital negligence claim