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Accident Claim Expert Solicitors: Find Out In Jargon-Free Language All You Need To Know To Make a Compensation Claim For Personal Injury in The UK

Welcome to the website of Kevin Bolton Solicitors, specialist accident claim expert lawyers.

My name is Kevin Bolton – the founder and principal solicitor of Kevin Bolton Solicitors. I am a UK solicitor specialising in personal injury law with over 20 years experience.

This site will answer all your questions on making an effective UK compensation claim for personal injury – all the information is presented in a jargon-free manner to ensure it is clear and easy to follow.

What can the Accident Claim Expert website do for you?

accident claim expert solicitor

Accident Claim Expert Solicitor

This website is not designed to be a substitute for using a personal injury solicitor to make your claim, but with it as a guide you will: know the practical steps you must take to ensure you recover all the compensation you are entitled to; learn strategies to best fund your legal expenses; know how to find the best specialist solicitor for your claim and have the confidence to contact the best solicitor.

I offer a unique online help facility whereby you can ask me a question, discuss your accident circumstances, have your claim assessed or request a call back. I will not charge you a penny for this service.

To contact me simply click free online specialist solicitor help or click on the link under my picture in the top left hand sidebar.

How do you use the Accident Claim Expert website?

It is easy to find your way around this website: each type of personal injury claim is listed in the drop down menus at the top of every page. When you click on that accident type you a list of all the index pages will be revealed setting out all related pages on that accident claim theme.

These index pages set out in order the stages of the claims process for that accident type together with: the amounts of compensation you can recover for injuries; answers to frequently asked questions and legal blogs.

The first link in bold capital letters is a useful summary of all the pages related to that accident type.

When you click on a link you will be taken to an article which will answer in plain English the questions you will have before making a personal injury accident claim. At the bottom of each page I will provide a link to the next page that I recommend you look at.

In the top of the each article (and the right hand sidebar on desktops) you will find helpful direct dial and online contact details

What types of questions will you find the answer to on this site?

All the questions you will have about compensation claims in the UK, both practical and legal, will be answered including:

1. What should you do immediately following your accident to ensure your injuries are treated properly and you maximise your compensation?

2. How do you decide if you have a compensation claim?

3. How much compensation will you receive for your claim?

4. How do you start an accident claim?

5. Who will pay your compensation claim?

6. How do you choose the best personal injury solicitor / accident claim expert to make your claim?

7. How do you fund your solicitors legal fees at no cost to yourself?

Does this site use legal jargon?

Lawyers will often use legal jargon which can be confusing – this site will only use jargon when absolutely necessary and explain the meaning in plain English. Click legal dictionary to see a simple definition of any legal phrases you may encounter.

Summary Of What Kevin Bolton Solicitors Legal Website Has To Offer You

You will have the benefit of specialist accident claim expert solicitors legal tips – based on over 20 years experience as a specialist UK personal injury solicitor. Information very hard to find anywhere online.

Click accident claim FAQ to find questions and answers to accident victims online legal questions.

Click accident compensation claim to see an overview of the claim process of all common UK accident types.

Click compensation amounts for examples of how much compensation you can claim for various injuries.

Click accident claim solicitors guides to see our compensation claim guides for all types of personal injury claim.

Click personal injury blog to see our blog with update legal information and answers to online visitor questions.

Remember at any time you can click specialist solicitor free help to benefit from Kevin Bolton Solicitors free online legal help options.