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Car Accident Claim Finland: Whiplash Cracked Vertebra Spleen Damage PTSD

Discover how to claim compensation for a car accident in a European country such as Finland causing significant injury including whiplash

Car Accident Victim Finland Question

My girlfriend and I were on a driving holiday across many European countries including: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland and Italy. This holiday was planned for 6 months.

When we travelling in Finland we were driving along a road in Helsinki and stopped a set of lights when all of a sudden our vehicle was thrown forward with great force.

I was knocked unconscious and I came round in an ambulance and learned that a small truck had collided with the rear of our car and had pushed us into a stone wall on the side of road. The police had attended and taken the details of the other driver who had accepted responsibility.

My wife and I were taken to hospital – I was diagnosed with severe whiplash, lower back vertebral injuries and concussion; my wife was diagnosed with a broken left foot, spleen damage, cracked teeth, whiplash and post traumatic stress disorder.

We have now returned home to Manchester in the UK and we wish to make a claim for the damage to our car and for all of the injuries which we suffered in the car accident in Helsinki, Finland.

Is it possible to make a claim from the UK?

European Road Traffic Accident Solicitor Response

All the countries in your road trip to are part of the European Union as such any accident on the roads in any those countries, including Helsinki in Finland can be commenced in the UK due to European regulations.

You will however need the assistance of a specialist European road traffic accident solicitor to make a claim – road traffic accident claims outside of the UK are extremely complex and few solicitors have the requisite expertise to deal with such claims.

Evidence from the police in Finland together with a specialist expert medical report setting out all of your injuries and those of your wife will be necessary to prove and value your road traffic accident claim.

European RTA Solicitor Online Help With A Car Accident In Finland Claim

If you would like to commence a claim for whiplash, spinal vertebral injuries, broken foot, spleen damage, cracked teeth, concussion and PTSD or to speak to me in person click car accident claim Finland.