car accident Romford London

Car Accident Claim Romford London: Hit By A Van At Traffic Lights

UK car accident lawyer explains how to calculate the amount of compensation you can claim for a car accident in Romford causing a fractured skull, sternum fracture, whiplash neck injury, back pain, concussion and psychological injury

Car accident Romford (London) victim question

I was driving my car for work as a salesman and had driven from Colchester to Chelmsford, Chelmsford to Brentwood and was heading towards Romford on the A12. I was waiting at a set of lights behind a couple of cars when I noticed in my rear view mirror a ford transit van approaching at speed.

car accident Romford London

Car Accident Romford London

The van did not stop and I braced for impact as I had nowhere to go.

The van hit my car and threw my car forward into the car in front. I think I must have been knocked unconscious as when I came round I was in an ambulance and was taken to hospital in London.

The police attended at the scene and the van driver accepted the accident was his fault. He had taken a call on his smart phone and was distracted. I believe the police are prosecuting.

At hospital I was diagnosed with various injuries including: fractured skull, concussion, displaced fracture of the sternum, contusion to the lungs, whiplash and back ache. I am also suffering flashbacks and my wife tells me that I am more withdrawn.

I have been signed off work for a couple of months and my car is a write off.

The other party has accepted full liability in writing – what is the average amount of compensation I should I be looking at?

Car accident solicitor response

The only true way to estimate the amount of compensation you are entitled to claim is to have medical reports produced by independent medical experts instructed by a specialist solicitor acting on your behalf.

You will most likely need the report of an orthopaedic surgeon (for your skull fracture, fractured sternum, neck whiplash, back pain, bruised lungs, a neurosurgeon ( to describe the concussion symptoms if severe and comment if there is any brain injury) and a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist (to comment on your psychological reaction as you might be suffering PTSD – post traumatic stress disorder).

The reports will set out your injuries at the time of the accident, what your symptoms are at the time of the examination and very importantly give a prognosis as to what your symptoms are likely to be in the future.

Once the report is produced – your injuries can be compared to similar injuries decided by the courts in the past. In this way the amount of compensation you can claim can be calculated.

To see the page I have written setting out the amounts of compensation you can claim for all body parts – click injury compensation claim payout amounts.

In addition to compensation for your injury – you are entitled to compensation for financial losses and expenses, including lost income (both immediate and future lost income, including disadvantage on the open labour market when you return to work), medical expenses, help in the home by friends and family members, etc.

To see the page I have written explaining the type of expenses you can claim, click car accident compensation:

Free of charge legal help and assistance

If you would like to discuss your car accident with me in person free of charge or you would like to commence a claim for compensation for your injuries (fractured skull, sternum fracture, lung injury, whiplash, back pain, concussion and psychological injury) with a specialist road traffic accident solicitor click car accident claim Romford London.