Van Accident Claims

Van Accident Claims: How to claim compensation if you are injured on the roads in a collision

Van accident claims Q&A, FAQ & Blog Index: Solicitor sets out in answers to online questions how to claim compensation in all manner of collisions involving a van. You might suffer injury as a van driver in a collision caused by another vehicle or alternatively you might be a car driver, pedestrian or other road user injured by van driver error.

We explore unique considerations to work van accidents of employer liability, we set out how to calculate compensation amounts for personal injury and financial loss and give legal tips & guidance in our blog.

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We set out a number of headings to categorize the types of van accident claims and list alphabetically the accident victim online questions (with a link to our detailed answer), our tips and blogs as well as frequently asked questions.

At any time you are free to ask your own online question, refer to our claim guide index (for all manner of different types of accident claims), review our Question & Answer index by type of accident or topic and search our alphabetical list of body parts for examples of compensation amounts and an explanation of how your solicitor will calculate your specific loss.

Types Of Accidents Involving Vans

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Car Driver / Other Vehicle Driver Negligence

Claiming For Van Driver Injury & Lost Income When Hit By A Car

Van Driver Negligence

Hit By A Company Van Driver From Behind Whilst Waiting At Junction

Van Passenger Claim: Work Colleague Lost Control & Flipped Vehicle

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