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Hairdresser Injury Compensation: The Practical Following Hair and Scalp Damage At A Hair Salon

Find out the practical steps you should take if you suspect that your hair and scalp have been injured at a hairdressers; how to calculate the amounts of compensation you could claim; how long you have to make a hairdresser injury compensation claim; how to fund a solicitor and receive free specialist solicitor assistance.

The guidance is given in answering an online hairdresser injury question.

Hairdresser Injury Compensation Question

I attended at a new hairdresser for treatment of my long dark hair. When I left the salon my hair felt like straw, my scalp was sensitive and itchy, later my mother noticed some blistering & flaking skin. When I brush my hair – I am noticing clumps are coming out.

I don’t wish to make a claim for compensation just yet, but wish to know the immediate steps I should take and what I would need to do if I decided to make a hairdresser injury claim.

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Hair & Scalp Injury Claim – Solicitor Response

Practical steps before making an hairdresser injury claim

A few practical steps you might wish to take before deciding whether to make a claim for hairdresser injury compensation, include:

Attend with your GP / Dermatologist

Attend with your GP – as it seems your scalp has suffered injury. This will allow correct diagnosis and treatment and could prevent long term problems to your hair growth.

It might be necessary for your GP to refer you to a dermatologist. See our article importance of attending at hospital / GP.

Hair salon accident report

Attend with the offending hair salon to make sure the hair & scalp damage is recorded in their accident book / incident report book.

Professional opinion from trusted hairdresser

Attend with a trusted hairdresser for a professional opinion on the damage done and possible solutions.

Check to see if you have the benefit of legal protection cover – such as on household contents insurance, some bank accounts or union membership (access to union solicitor).

Should you have paid at the hairdresser’s with a credit card – you will often have legal cover with that purchase that can fund a solicitor to make an hairdresser injury compensation claim.

See our article household contents legal protection cover for more details as to how to use legal cover.

Diary of symptoms and financial loss

Keep a daily diary of your physical & psychological symptoms and a note of costs and expenses your incur together with supporting receipts. This information will help support a hairdresser injury claim if you decide to proceed with a claim. See our article records to keeping to support a personal injury claim.

Compensation Amounts For Hairdresser Injury Claims

See our article hair damage compensation calculator, which calculates the amount of compensation you can claim for hair & scalp injury.

How Long To Make A Hairdresser injury Claim?

Generally, you have three years from the date of the hairdresser injury or knowledge of injury to commence a claim at court. After this time period has expired – your claim is statute barred and it is too late to claim.

This is time period is known as the statutory limitation period.

Exceptions To The Three-Year Rule
There are some exceptions to the three-year rule. An example includes personal injury claims for children.
We recommend you speak to a solicitor if you are uncertain as to how long you have to make your hairdresser injury claim.

Discuss Making A Claim With A Specialist Solicitor Free Of Charge

When you decide to consider making a claim or simply to find out what your options are see our specialist solicitor free online & telephone assistance. You can phone direct to our solicitors for a consultation, ask a question and have your claim assessed.