Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Compensation Claim Rented Accommodation

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Compensation: Claim for illness from defective heating system in rented accommodation

Carbon monoxide poisoning compensation claim solicitor sets out in answering an online question – how to claim compensation if you suffer carbon monoxide poisoning in rented or housing association accommodation due to a defective heating system.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Compensation Claim Question

I just recently started to rent a house from a housing association which has gas central heating and noticed that I was becoming dizzy – I called an ambulance and was taken to hospital, blood samples were taken and I was diagnosed with carbon monoxide poisoning.

I have since found out that my landlord did not have an annual gas safety certificate and that the heating system had not been properly maintained – can I make a carbon monoxide poisoning compensation claim?

Occupiers Liability Solicitor Response

It is a potential criminal offence for a landlord to fail to properly maintain gas appliances and to have an annual gas safety certificate produced by a CORGI (Gas Safety) approved engineer.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Lung Scan

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Lung Scan

At the commencement of the tenancy the housing association should have provided you with a copy of the gas safety certificate.

Carbon monoxide poisoning (also known as CO poisoning) is a very real risk to tenants – if gas appliances are not properly maintained.

Many people have been killed by carbon monoxide.

You were diagnosed at hospital after a blood test showing you had suffered carbon monoxide poisoning. This will have been recorded on your medical notes and will prove to be an essential piece of evidence to prove medical causation – that you suffered injury as a result of the negligence of your landlord.

You would therefore seem to have a strong claim against your landlord – the housing association.

The amount of compensation you can claim would depend on the severity and long term effects of your carbon monoxide poisoning.

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