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Car Accident Switzerland Compensation Claim: Germany Belgium Whiplash RTA

UK solicitor sets out how it is possible to claim compensation from the UK for a car accident in Switzerland or a road traffic accident in any other European country – including Germany, Belgium and Italy

Car accident victim Switzerland question

I was on a road journey with my wife and eldest son from Italy passing through Switzerland with a view to continuing our journey through Germany, Belgium, France and then on to the UK by ferry.

When we were in Switzerland a vehicle on the other side of the road attempted a U turn such that he hit my car in the front of the vehicle.

This caused the front of the car to crumple and our car to spin.

The police and ambulance were called to the scene and the other driver admitted liability. My wife was a front seat passenger and my son a back seat passenger whilst I was driving.

I noticed immediately a pain in my neck – my wife was complaining of chest pains, lower back pains and a pain in her neck and my son was complaining of a pain in his right hand where he impacted with the passenger door and neck pains.

At hospital I was diagnosed with whiplash, my wife was diagnosed with whiplash, lumber / lower back strain and chest bruising from the seatbelt and my son was diagnosed with a broken bone in his right hand and whiplash.

My car was a write off and was left at a garage in Switzerland and my family and I flew home.

Can we claim compensation from the UK for out injuries, vehicle damage and other expenses?

Road Traffic Accident Solicitor Europe Response

As your accident happened in Switzerland, which is a member of the Single Market with Bilateral Treaties adopting European Union motor insurance law (Switzerland has a unique arrangement with the EU, which means it will often adopt EU law into its domestic law) and you are resident in the UK; you are entitled to make a claim from the UK. This is the same had the accident occurred anywhere on your journey including Italy, Germany, Belgium or France or any other European Union country.

There are very few solicitors in the UK who will be familiar with the law to make this type of claim, so it is best to use a specialist European road traffic accident solicitor.

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