What is The Legal Expertise You Will Benefit From on This Site?

My name is Kevin Bolton – I am the founder of Kevin Bolton Solicitors. I qualified in 1996 as a UK solicitor specialising in personal injury law. In 1999 I was accepted onto the Law Society Personal Injury Panel being recognised as an expert in personal injury and accident claims.

I have acted in thousands of personal injury claims, managed the accident claim departments for two UK solicitor firms, published a training book for personal injury lawyers, ran an industrial disease firm and set up Kevin Bolton Solicitors: a unique legal consultancy and practice providing independent free initial legal help and assistance to accident victims.

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Legal Advice

My personal experience of accident claims

When I was a child I was hit by two cars on a zebra crossing sustaining serious injuries both physical and psychological.

My mother instructed a lawyer who was not a specialist personal injury solicitor and my claim was settled before the extent of my injuries was realised. In later life – my mother explained that she was fearful of continuing with my claim as her solicitor had not answered all her questions in a way that she could understand.

This childhood experience is the reason I became an accident claim expert. I don’t want you to go through the stress that my family experienced, so I hope by giving you the answers to all your questions you will be able to claim the compensation you deserve with confidence.

If you can’t find the answer to a question you may have on this site, simply click on the link next to my photograph at the top of this page – you can ask me a question direct or arrange to discuss you claim in person.

This site will give you the benefit of my 20 years + experience as a specialist personal injury solicitor. I recommend you act quickly and click accident compensation claim to read about the process of claiming for all type of UK accident claim.