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Our child accident claims blog sets out helpful hints to make a claim, legal tips from solicitors and answers to online questions.

If you child is suffered injury in an accident at school, in a shop, in a road accident or any other accident causing injury – a special procedure is required to claim compensation.

The child must have a litigation friend – in other words an adult who can provide instructions on behalf of the child, and any compensation monies must be authorised by a UK court and paid into the court’s fund office to be invested until the child reaches the age of 18 years.

In this blog you will find answers to questions from parents and other family members concerning an accident involving a child.

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RTA Compensation For Child Injury In A Car Crash

RTA Compensation Child Injury Car Crash

Why Children Can Always Claim Compensation For Injuries In A Car Accident Or Other RTA I am often asked if a child can claim compensation for injuries sustained as a passenger in a car accident or other vehicle accident. The answer to this question is invariably, “Yes”. As the child is a passenger and not […]

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School Bus Child Fatal Accident Claims: Coach Injury Compensation

Can you claim compensation if your child is killed or seriously injured in a school bus or coach accident? Tragically the media is alight with serious road accidents involving school buses and coaches – the most recent being near Braithwaite in the Lake district in Cumbria and prior to that in Warwickshire. Regretfully, collisions involving […]

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