RTA Compensation For Child Injury In A Car Crash

RTA Compensation Child Injury Car Crash

Why Children Can Always Claim Compensation For Injuries In A Car Accident Or Other RTA I am often asked if a child can claim compensation for injuries sustained as a passenger in a car accident or other vehicle accident. The answer to this question is invariably, “Yes”. As the child is a passenger and not […]

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Accident Claims: Judgement In Default Of Defence

Accident Claims Solicitor Judgement In Default Of Defence

How does your solicitor obtain a “judgement in default” in accident compensation claims? Once either you or your solicitor has issued proceedings at court and served those proceedings on the Defendant (the person you are making your claim against and hold responsible for your accident) – the Defendant must acknowledge receipt and provide a Defence. […]

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Car Accident France: UK Passenger RTA Injury Claim

car accident claim France

Find out when you can claim compensation in the UK if you are a passenger injured in a vehicle accident in France Car accident France Question I was a front seat passenger in a car accident in France caused by my husband who was driving – can I claim RTA Compensation in the UK? European […]

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