Zebra Crossing Accident Claim

Zebra Crossing Accident Claim: Hit By A Car Outside A School

UK road traffic accident solicitor sets out how to claim compensation for personal injury in a zebra crossing accident outside of a school.

Zebra Crossing Accident Victim Question

I was taking my 10 year old daughter to school in Sheffield and close to the school there is a zebra crossing. At this time of the morning there are many cars, parents and children and school buses.

We came to the zebra crossing and checked both ways – there were no cars approaching and to our right a school bus was dropping off children and traffic was waiting behind the bus.

We therefore proceeded to cross on the zebra crossing and when we were on the far side of the road a car driver must have become impatient waiting behind the school bus and overtook it coming to the wrong side of the road and onto the zebra crossing.

I saw the car approaching last minute and I managed to push my daughter out of the way, but I was hit on my right side and thrown onto the floor a few metres in front of the car.

I must have banged my head as I came around in an ambulance. I was told my daughter was safe in the school (my husband had been called) and I was taken to hospital where I was diagnosed with bleeding on the brain (from where I hit my head on the ground) and a broken right leg (the tibia and fibula) and a fractured right arm (the radius).
After 10 days I was released from hospital and at that stage I suffered seizures and I am having nightmares.

This accident happened a month ago and since then I have been unable to work.

Can I make a claim for my injuries and my lost income from the car driver who hit me?

Zebra Crossing Accident Claim Solicitor Response

It is clear that the car driver should be found legally at fault. No doubt there will be a number of witnesses to verify the accident events and perhaps even CCTV in the area.

Where there is a road with a school of young children (especially in the morning close to the time school starts) – vehicle drivers must be extra vigilant and proceed with caution well below the speed limit. In any event the driver should never have attempted an overtake manoeuvre, so close to a zebra crossing (there will no doubt be road markings forbidding this).

Your claim would include compensation for the pain and suffering for all of the injuries you have indicated (brain injury, broken bones in your right leg, fractured right arm, psychological reaction) and some which have yet to be diagnosed (it would be helpful for you to keep a daily diary of all of your symptoms to ensure that nothing is missed).

The claim for pain and suffering extends to future pain and suffering or any ongoing disability as set out in an independent medical expert report – obtained by a solicitor acting on your behalf.

In addition to compensation for your pain and suffering – a claim would be made for your financial losses, including: lost income; medical expenses, travel expenses to and from the hospital/GP, care and assistance in the home (provided by friends and family members), etc.

The financial losses will include those you have already incurred together with future losses – based on a medical expert’s estimate as to how long these losses might continue.

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