Child Trip Accident At School Claim Compensation

Can I claim compensation for my child following a trip accident at school?

My son had an accident at school when he tripped and fell on a broken paving slab causing him to fracture his arm.

The broken paving slabs have not been repaired or replaced by the school since the accident.

child school trip accident

Child School Trip Accident

School Accident Solicitor Response

Whether you can claim compensation from the school for your son’s trip accident depends on the following factor

1. The school owes a duty to keep children safe from accidents

In the United Kingdom the school is responsible for the safety of the children on the school premises and this includes ensuring that the paving slabs do not present a trip hazard.

2. What is a trip hazard for a child at school?

The younger the child the greater the risk of injury from even the smallest defect with paving stones, but be aware a school is not required to keep the paving as smooth as a bowling green.

3. What you must do to win a UK compensation claim against the school

To know if your son has a claim you must act quickly. Photos of the broken paving slab would be useful, but as this is on the school premises you would need the school’s permission to attend to take them.

You must instruct a specialist accident solicitor and give an idea of the nature and dimensions of the broken paving slabs that your son tripped on. This might be enough to tell you if you have a claim.

In any event – your solicitor will contact the school and ensure that permission is obtained to attend at the scene where your son tripped. This known as a site visit.

At the site visit your solicitor will take photos with a correct measuring device clearly shown,which will provide the evidence to support your son’s claim.

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4. How to have a specialist UK accident at school solicitor contact you free of charge to assess your child compensation claim

I am a specialist accident solicitor and I am in contact with other specialists all over the country. If you are considering a claim I will gladly contact you free of charge to assess your claim.

Click child school accident compensation claim to complete and send a confidential online form which will take you through in simple stages the information I need to assess your accident claim. Please provide a fuller description of the broken paving slab as this is crucial to assessing your claim’s chances of success.