Slipping Accident School Playground Child Claim

Does my child have a claim for compensation for slipping on some wet leaves in the school playground causing a fracture of the wrist?

School Accident Solicitor Response

To prove your son has a claim for compensation against his school for a slipping accident in the playground several consideration must be taken into account, including:

school playground accident

School Playground Accident

1. The age of your son and the other children using the school playground

The younger the child using the school playground the more likely it is that wet leaves would present a slipping hazard.

2. The duration the wet leaves were left on the floor

The longer the leaves had been present in the playground the more likely that the school staff would have been aware of a safety hazard to the school children.

3. The amount of leaves present in the playground

The more leaves that had been allowed to accumulate the more likely it is that the school would appreciate a slipping hazard.

4. The location of the leaves in the school playground

If the leaves were in a prominent position, such as the middle of the playground of near to the school doors or even just on the concrete surface of the playground, the more likely it is that the school should appreciate the safety risk to the school children.

5. Previous accidents or complaints made by children, teachers of parents

If there had been any previous slipping accidents on leaves in the playground or anyone had spotted the danger and notified the school, but the school had failed to act – it is likely that the school would be responsible for any subsequent accidents.

6. Maintenance and inspection systems in place at the school to keep the playground safe

The school should have a maintenance and inspection system in place, whereby the playground is inspected periodically to ensure it is safe.

If the playground had several trees in it or was close to a wood, etc – the school would be more aware of the problems of falling leaves and as such should have in place a system to watch out for and clear away fallen leaves.

7. Supervision of children using the playground

Was a teacher supervising the children during playtime? If so – did that teacher warn the children to stay away from the leaves and make sure that any child approaching the leaves were reminded of the risk?

Accident At School

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8. The severity of your son’s injuries from his slipping accident

Your son’s injury seems quite nasty. A fractured wrist is worth well over £1,000 and as such, in England and Wales, you will not only be able to claim compensation on behalf of your son, but also the majority of your legal fees in using a solicitor to make your compensation claim.

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