miners injury compensation claims

Miners Injury Compensation: How to claim compensation for the most common types of industrial disease and work injury suffered from working in a mine

Miners injury compensation solicitors summarize the process for claiming compensation in the UK with a description of the most common industrial diseases miners can suffer; how much compensation you can claim for each disease and how to fund the legal costs of making a claim.

What is the process for claiming miners injury compensation?

On this page we list links to all the articles we have written setting out the common injuries and work related diseases miners suffer – with a description of each step you should take to claim miners injury compensation in the UK.

Remember – even if you are an ex-miner and finished working in a mine many years ago, you still might be able to claim compensation.

List of our articles setting out how to claim compensation for injury whilst working in a mine

We recommend you click the article of interest or the type of industrial disease you have suffered to find out more or follow each article listed below in order – to see all the steps you should take to claim miners’ injury compensation.

Coal Miner Injuries

Coal Worker Claims

Find out the particular dangers of coal mining, the types of diseases it can cause, how ex-coal workers can still be in time to claim compensation from the National Coal Board and the British Coal Corporation with geographic examples of where coal mines claims are still common.

Black Lung Disease Claims

Find out how the inhalation of dust from coal, graphite and carbon can cause coal miners’ pneumoconiosis or black lung, how ex coal workers can claim compensation, the symptoms the condition causes with examples of compensation amounts for black lung disease claims.

Miners Injury Compensation

Miners Injury Compensation

Vibration White Finger Symptoms

Find out on this page what the symptoms of VWF are, how long after exposure to vibrating machines at work you are likely to first experience symptoms and how long you have to commence a claim against your employer before it is too late.

General Types Of Injury Suffered By Mine Workers

Industrial Injury

Find out some common types of industrial injury miners suffer, how long you will have to claim and how to choose the best occupational disease solicitor to help you claim compensation.

Industrial Deafness Claims

Discover how to claim compensation for industrial deafness claims and tinnitus from exposure to noise in the workplace, how to prove legal responsibility by former employers and how much compensation you can claim.

Miners VWF

Find out why you should consult a specialist solicitor to know if you are still in time to make a vibration white finger claim – together the amounts of compensation you are likely to be able to claim.

Summary of miners injury compensation page

On this page you have seen the most common types of diseases and injuries which miners can suffer in the UK with links to all the pages we have written explaining how to claim miners’ injury compensation for each type of disease.

We recommend you see our coal worker claims article to read about the dangers of being a coal miner and who you can claim miners injury compensation from if you suffer from a disease contracted whilst working as a UK coal miner.

Specialist solicitor free legal help

If you have worked in the mines or have a family member who has contracted a mining injury or disease – you can use our specialist solicitor telephone and online free legal help – to ask a question or to discuss with our specialist solicitor online or direct on the telephone as to whether you might have a claim.