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Vibration White Finger Symptoms: The symptoms of VWF which follow extended exposure to vibrating machinery in the work place

Discover what the symptoms of vibration white finger are; how long after exposure to vibrating machinery in the workplace when you are first likely to experience the initial vibration white finger symptoms following and how long you have to make an industrial injuries claim.

What are vibration white finger symptoms?

Vibration white finger symptoms or VWF include:

1. A numb feeling in your finger tips – sometimes a tingling feeling can be felt.

2. The tips of your fingers can turn white, which initially starts when your hands are exposed to the cold. The name white finger comes from this symptom and can also be known as dead finger as it is due to a restricted blood flow that your fingers turn white.

3. Flushing red of your finger tips – more often than not in the warmth as the blood starts to flow again – this flushing can often be associated with a painful sensation in your fingers.

4. Loss of grip and dexterity in the hand – in extreme conditions vibration white finger symptoms can start to disable the use of your hands.

What causes vibration white finger symptoms to develop in your hands?

The most common cause of vibration white finger symptoms is from extended exposure to vibrating machinery in the workplace.

Types of vibrating machinery at work could include: pneumatic drills, angle grinders, chain saws, lawn mowers, compacters, riveting machines, levelling machines, concrete vibrators, grinding machines, sanding machines, buffing machines, jackhammers, polishing machines, needle guns, floor grinders, concrete scabblers, etc.

When are you likely to first suffer symptoms of VWF?

Medical experts generally agree for your symptoms of VWF to be connected to the exposure of vibrating machinery at work – you must suffer the symptoms whilst at work (whilst the exposure is still taking place) or within two years of leaving the workplace  and the exposure to the hazardous vibrating equipment stopping.

Vibration White Finger Symptoms

Vibration White Finger Symptoms

It is therefore very important to think about when you first started to experience vibration white finger symptoms.

I am often contacted by manual workers who were exposed to vibrating machinery at work many years ago – who first realise they might be experiencing vibration white finger symptoms only after reading online or hearing from friends about what the VWF symptoms are likely to be.

This does not mean the symptoms of VWF have only recently developed.

It is more likely that symptoms were on going whilst in the work place or shortly thereafter, but you were not aware what the symptoms actually were.

There is a very important distinction – if you approach a lawyer and are adamant that you had no symptoms until many years after leaving a hazardous work environment it is likely that you will be told that your industrial disease claim for VWF cannot be associated with vibrating machinery at work.

If however, as is more likely, as you have left the work environment you are more attuned to the problems you are suffering or as you have got older you have noticed more and more difficulties you are experiencing. But the initial symptoms were actually experienced whilst in the work environment it is very likely you still have a claim.

How long do you have to make a claim compensation for vibration white finger symptoms?

You have three years from the date of knowledge of injury to commence at your claim at court before it is too late to claim compensation.

Although you may have experienced symptoms or VWF for many years – it is quite common that you were not actually aware what the symptoms were and it is only when you have sought medical assistance and been diagnosed with vibration white finger symptoms or have read some literature on what the symptoms of white finger are – that you realise in actual fact that what you are suffering is vibration white finger, which could have been caused by your occupational exposure to vibrating machinery in the work place.

What should you do if you are suffering vibration white finger symptoms?

If you feel you are suffering from vibration white finger symptoms – it is essential that you contact a specialised industrial injury solicitor immediately for your potential claim to be assessed.

You should act quickly to ensure you are not out of time to claim the compensation you are entitled to.

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