Vibration White Finger Compensation

Vibration White Finger Compensation: The amounts of UK compensation you can claim from an employer for VWF caused by use of vibrating tools at work

Vibration white finger compensation: On this page your will find a question from a site visitor about how much vibration white finger compensation can be claimed – with a response given from a specialist industrial disease solicitor describing how VWF is caused, all the types of compensation you can claim with examples of the amounts of compensation you can claim with updated compensation amounts for 2018.

Although I have given examples you need only click vibration white finger compensation to ask your own online question and I will assess how much VWF compensation you can expect for your own work injuries.

Website visitor vibration white finger compensation question

I have worked in the North West of England for many years with the same employer using vibrating machinery. I have recently been diagnosed with vibration white finger and I wish to make a claim for UK compensation from my employers and I would like to know how much I can claim?

Industrial disease compensation solicitor response

The amount of compensation you can claim for a UK vibration white finger injury depends on several factors, including:

vibration white finger compensation

Vibration White Finger Compensation

1. Appreciate how vibration white finger or VWF is caused in the working environment

Click industrial injury claim to read an article I have written in plain English explaining how UK vibration white finger can be caused from exposure to vibrating machines in the workplace – you will find the details towards the bottom of the page.

2. The severity of your VWF injury in accordance with Stockholm Workshop

The Stockholm Workshop Scale allows the severity of your vibration white finger condition to be measured in relation to each of your hands and each of the fingers on your hand.

The more severe your VWF injury the more vibration white finger compensation you will be entitled to claim.

3. Other important factors that help determine how much UK vibration white finger compensation you can claim

It is not just the severity of the symptoms that will decide how much compensation you can claim for your VWF injury, but also the effect on your ability to work and your ability to partake in the hobbies you enjoy as part of your social life.

The bigger the effect on your social and work life the more your vibration white finger compensation settlement is likely to be.

4. Examples of VWF compensation in the United Kingdom in 2018

The amount of compensation that you can claim depends on the severity of your symptoms – examples for compensation awards in 2018 include:

1. Minor vibration white finger symptoms

Symptoms which are not too severe having a limited impact on your ability to work and enjoy your social life: £2,500 – £7,500

2. Serious VWF symptoms

Extremely bad pain and symptoms having a significant effect on your ability to work and enjoy your social life: up to £32,000

5. Other financial losses you can claim in addition to vibration white finger compensation for pain

You are entitled to claim vibration white finger compensation for not only the pain you suffer, but also any financial losses you may have incurred, which can include lost income now and into the future, care and assistance even if provided by family members, medical expenses, and much more.

Click accident at work compensation to discover all the types of financial loss you can claim as part of your work injury claim.

I suggest you keep a diary of all the expenses you incur with original receipts – you can provide this to your solicitor at a later time and a decision can be made as to which expenses can be included in your claim..

6. Free legal help from a specialist vibration white finger compensation solicitor

My website offers free online legal help if you have suffered a work injury simply click VWF compensation and I will assess your claim for you as well as the amount of compensation you can expect, or

Click vibration white finger compensation solicitor to read the article I have written explaining how to choose a top specialist vibration white finger compensation solicitor.