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Compensation Calculator For Pain And Suffering From Physical And Psychological Injury

In this article you will discover why a personal injury solicitor is the best compensation calculator for pain and suffering for your physical or psychological injury; how the amount of compensation for pain and suffering is calculated; the need for an independent expert medical report to detail your injuries; examples of the amounts of compensation you can receive for all manner of injury.

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What is a pain and suffering compensation calculator?

There are several different types of what can be construed as a compensation calculator for pain and suffering.

Computer generated human body

You will no doubt have seen on various websites a computer generated compensation calculator for pain and suffering allowing you to point to an injured part of your body or select a body a part. You will then be provided with a range of likely compensation payout amounts.

Such a system of assessment cannot be relied upon and is at best a very rough approximation, which will invariably turn out to be inaccurate.

Our extensive compensation amounts guide

We have provided extensive guidance on compensation amounts for all body parts, but even this is a guide and only considers general damages (pain and suffering).

The procedure for calculating the amount of compensation you can claim for your individual set of circumstances and injuries – is an involved process requiring the instruction of a specialist solicitor.

Using a personal injury solicitor

The only true compensation calculator for pain and suffering is a specialist personal injury solicitor instructed specifically in relation to your accident claim.

personal injury solicitor calculating compensation payout
Personal Injury Solicitor Calculating Compensation Payout

Your solicitor, once instructed, will obtain evidence to support your claim and legally prove its validity.

How does a personal injury solicitor calculate the value of your claim?

There are several steps your personal injury solicitor must take to determine the amount of compensation you can claim fro pain and suffering.

Gathering evidence to calculate the value of your claim

Once all the necessary evidence has been obtained your solicitor will value how much compensation you can claim by comparing the evidence obtained with existing case law (previous cases decided at court in which the amount of compensation for similar injuries was calculated) and judicial guidelines (guidance from the courts as to amounts of compensation for various injuries).

Independent medical expert report

The only way your solicitor can accurately act as a compensation calculator for pain and suffering is to firstly gather the necessary evidence – notable a report from an independent medical expert.

Correct medical specialism

The medical expert should be of the correct medical specialism and should be instructed to provide an opinion on the balance of probabilities with an overriding duty of accuracy to the court..

Review hospital and GP notes

This medical expert should review all of your hospital and GP notes, examine you and take any necessary x-rays or scans.

Medical opinion / prognosis

The expert should then give an opinion as to exactly what the injury you suffered was and provide a prognosis as to what your future holds.

A prognosis is an opinion based on the expert’s experience – a best guess on the balance of probability. The expert completes the report with a duty to the court, so the medical expert must believe that it is more likely than not that your symptoms will persist not just that they could persist – this is what is known as the balance of probability.

Comparison of your injuries to claims decided by the courts

Depending on the nature of your injuries – your solicitor can compare your injury to other cases decided by the courts either on a case by case basis or in a general summary of all cases given in an annual court guidance book known as the Judicial College Guidelines (formerly Judicial Studies Board Guidelines or the JSB guidelines).

Examples of compensation amounts for pain and suffering

Use our compensation payout amounts article – to see examples of amounts of compensation you can expect to receive for various different types of injury in the UK.

Can you claim for more than just pain and suffering?

”Yes” – a truly accurate compensation calculator looks at pain and suffering for the actual injury you suffered, combined with the financial losses and expenses you suffered as a direct result of your injuries.

Your financial losses include both past losses and future losses – costs likely to be incurred after your settlement has been achieved.

See our financial loss and expense claim calculator article explaining how to calculate the amount of compensation you can claim for financial losses and expenses.

What is the best compensation calculator for pain and suffering?

The best compensation calculator for pain and suffering is to speak to a specialist solicitor direct who will be able to give the best guidance as to the evidence necessary and the steps that must be taken to determine how much your claim is worth.

Different types of personal injury claim

There are many different types of accident claim – such as road traffic accidents, work accidents, industrial disease claims, clinical negligence, slip and trips, holiday accidents, child accidents, fatal injuries, etc.

Choosing the correct solicitor

You should choose a solicitor who specialises in the type of accident you have been involved in.

If you would like to speak to our specialist solicitors free of charge or have your claim assessed online – see our specialist solicitor telephone and online help options..