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Shopping Centre Accidents: Claim Compensation For Injuries Whilst Using A Shopping Centre / Arcade

Using a shopping centre slip accident question from an online accident victim query – we set out how to establish a shopping centre’s liability; the different aspects of compensation you can claim with links to compensation amounts for a knee injury and all other bodily / psychological injury types.

Shopping Centre Accident Question

Can I claim compensation for my injuries from the shopping centre?

Slip on a wet substance at entrance to shopping centre shop

While out shopping in the city centre shopping centre – I slipped and fell outside of an entrance to one of the shops. There was a wet substance on the floor which caused the accident. I was terribly shocked.

Accident witnessed and accident book entry made

Someone from the shop must have seen the accident and came to my assistance. First aid was called and an entry into the accident book made.

Drip from ceiling of shopping centre

I heard one of the first aiders say that there had been a number of accidents outside that particular shop that day, as there was some form of a drip from the ceiling in the shopping centre.

Wet floor

The amount of liquid on the floor was quite large and my dress was wet as a result.

No wet floor signs

There were no wet floor signs present warning of a danger.

Ambulance called

I was badly bruised and my right knee was starting to swell, so an ambulance was called and I was taken to hospital.

Soft tissue and ligament damage to knee

At hospital I was diagnosed with soft tissue injuries and a torn lateral collateral ligament to my right knee.

Ongoing symptoms and ability to work affected

It is now 6 months following my shopping centre accident. I am unable to walk properly and walking with a limp. My walking gait is noticeably affected, as is my ability to work and I am still suffering.

shopping centre personal injury claim
Shopping Centre Personal Injury Claim

Public Liability Personal Injury Solicitor Response

From your description there is a good chance of making a claim for compensation for the pain and suffering caused by your torn ligament knee injury, all other physical and psychological injuries – together with financial loss and expense, including lost income.

Shopping centre or individual shop liability

You have described the accident as having happened outside the entrance to a shop and within the shopping centre. This would suggest the responsibility would lie with either the shopping centre owners or the shop owners or both – it would depend on the exact position of the wet patch.

Evidence supporting claim

The fact that you heard first aid comment on a few accidents having happened before yours in a similar position, the absence of wet floor signs and the knowledge that there was a drip from the shopping centre ceiling – would all add strength to your claim.

Importance of previous accident book entries

In addition, the accident circumstances should have been included in the accident book either in your entry (which you most likely would have seen) or no doubt the numerous earlier entries for similar shopping centre accidents.

Defeating reasonable cleaning system defence

The shopping centre would typically be able to rely on having a problem identification and cleaning system as a potential defence, but given it seems the shopping centre (and the shop) knew there was a problem – the problem should have been remedied or the area cordoned off with barriers and/or appropriate warning signs used. This could nullify the reasonableness of the cleaning system defence.

Compensation for pain and suffering

Your primary shopping centre accident claim would be for compensation for pain and suffering for your knee injury (and any other physical / psychological injuries).

Independent medical report to describe injuries

To establish how much can be claimed your solicitor will instruct an independent medical expert to examine you to detail in a report the extent of your injury with a description of any ongoing problems / weaknesses. Such report will include an estimated recovery time or any potential long-term effects.

Payout amounts for physical and psychological injury

Our knee injury compensation article sets out in more detail the likely payout amounts you could recover for your knee injury and our compensation payout calculator sets out compensation amounts for all body parts – set out alphabetically

Compensation for financial loss and expense including lost income

In addition to compensation for pain and suffering – you can claim compensation for any financial loss and expense incurred as a direct result of the accident.

Financial loss can include lost income – if you had an absence from work or reduced capacity to work as a result of your knee injury.

Watch out – your absence from work should be supported as being necessary by the medical expert in the report obtained by your solicitor.

Next Steps To Making A Shopping Centre Claim With Specialist Solicitor Online Help

If you would like to discuss the process of making a claim with our specialist solicitors, you have any further questions or you wish to commence your claim – see our specialist public liability solicitors free online / telephone legal help.