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Road traffic accident claims are perhaps the most common type of personal injury claim in the UK, but don’t be fooled – there are many different legal scenarios which could mean you will struggle to receive compensation for your injuries unless you can speak to a professional RTA lawyer.

This blog provides answers to site visitor questions, invaluable tips and recommendations as to how to find free specialist help.

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Sold Car Crash With New Owner Having No Insurance

Sold Car Crash No Insurance

Sold Car Crash: Find out what liability you have when you sell a car failing to cancel your motor insurance before the new owner has a road accident having no insurance. Former Car Owner Question My son owned a car then sold the car, but forgot to cancel the insurance immediately. The new owner of […]

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Zebra Crossing Accident Claim: Hit By A Car Outside A School

Zebra Crossing Accident Claim

UK road traffic accident solicitor sets out how to claim compensation for personal injury in a zebra crossing accident outside of a school. Zebra Crossing Accident Victim Question I was taking my 10 year old daughter to school in Sheffield and close to the school there is a zebra crossing. At this time of the […]

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Pre Existing Back Problems: How Much For Whiplash RTA Claim?

Pre Existing Back Problems How Much Whiplash RTA Claim

RTA solicitor explains how to determine the amount of compensation you can claim if you have a pre-existing back disability and following a road traffic accident you suffer whiplash and enhanced back pain. Road traffic accident victim question I was driving my car on a main road in Southampton on my way to Brighton when […]

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RTA Compensation For Child Injury In A Car Crash

RTA Compensation Child Injury Car Crash

Why Children Can Always Claim Compensation For Injuries In A Car Accident Or Other RTA I am often asked if a child can claim compensation for injuries sustained as a passenger in a car accident or other vehicle accident. The answer to this question is invariably, “Yes”. As the child is a passenger and not […]

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Car Accident France: UK Passenger RTA Injury Claim

car accident claim France

Find out when you can claim compensation in the UK if you are a passenger injured in a vehicle accident in France Car accident France Question I was a front seat passenger in a car accident in France caused by my husband who was driving – can I claim RTA Compensation in the UK? European […]

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