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Car Accident France: UK Passenger RTA Injury Claim

Find out when you can claim compensation in the UK if you are a passenger injured in a vehicle accident in France

Car accident France Question

I was a front seat passenger in a car accident in France caused by my husband who was driving – can I claim RTA Compensation in the UK?

European road accident solicitor response

This is a typical question asked by a car passenger accident victim in Europe – some helpful points to answer your your question about claiming RTA compensation from the UK include:

1. You claim against your husband, but remember motor insurance is in place to indemnify the driver of a vehicle. In other words – the motor insurance company pay your compensation, hence the reason that all EU vehicle drivers must have in place a policy of motor insurance.
2. As long as your husband has valid motor insurance for driving in France it will cover your claim for compensation subject to a policy excess.
3. You can and should start your claim before your injuries have cleared up – part of your compensation can be for the necessary treatment to aid a speedy recovery.
4. Every claim turns on its facts, but as a passenger you are clearly not at fault so your chances of success are very good.
5. To claim compensation you will either use a French lawyer or a UK lawyer experienced in road accidents abroad. A UK lawyer is obliged to run through with you in a telephone conversation all the funding options available starting with whether you have any form of legal costs policy (there are several options you might not be aware of). In any event you are not tied until you sign and return appropriate documentation, so you need not worry.

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