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All you need to know about claiming criminal injury compensation in the UK, Europe and across the globe

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The Immediate Steps Following Your Injury

Criminal Injury Claim

Discover all about criminal injuries, how a criminal injury claim is different from an accident claim and when you are entitled to claim UK criminal compensation for an injury caused by an animal or a motor vehicle.

Criminal Injury Compensation Authority

Find out what the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority is, why you must report your criminal injury to the police as quickly as possible and the practical steps you should take to ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation.

Criminal Injury Assault

Criminal Injury Assault

Making Your Criminal Injury Compensation Claim

Compensation For Criminal Injury

Click this link to learn the alternative ways of claiming compensation for criminal injury in the UK, how easy it is to make an application to the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority even for non-English speakers and the time limits you have to start your claim.

Criminal Injury Compensation – Application Procedure

Discover the process the UK Criminal Injury Compensation Authority will follow – from receiving your application to making a compensation payment.

Criminal Compensation Claim – No Prosecution

On this page you will learn how it is still possible to succeed in a criminal compensation claim even when the person who caused your injury is not prosecuted or is found “not guilty” in a criminal trial.

Injury Compensation Overseas

Find out where your criminal injury must have happened for you to claim compensation from the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority, the assistance the CICA can give you in making an application from a foreign country and how to find out which countries around the world have criminal injury compensation schemes.

Criminal Injuries Claim

A quick guide to the steps to claiming criminal injuries compensation.

Calculating The Amount Of Your Criminal Compensation

Criminal Compensation Amounts

Click above to discover the maximum amounts of criminal compensation you are entitled to claim in the UK, how the compensation is calculated when you have multiple injuries, the amount you can claim for the death of a loved one and the deductions made for any criminal convictions you may have.

Choosing The Best Lawyer To Make Your Claim

Injury Lawyer Selection

Find out why a personal injury lawyer is best able to provide the legal advice you need to make a criminal injury claim and the various guidance forms the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority provides to give you the confidence to start a criminal compensation claim on your own behalf.

Funding Compensation Advice

Discover how to obtain criminal injury compensation advice from a UK solicitor for free and the cheapest options of funding your legal costs when free advice is not available.

Overview Of The Criminal Injury Procedure

Click criminal injuries claim to see a quick overview of the criminal injuries claims process.

Criminal Injury Claims Summary

This article guided you through the complete process of making a claim for criminal injury compensation in the UK.

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