Criminal injury compensation claim Spain: can you explain to me how I go about claiming compensation for an injury as a result of a crime in Spain?

My car was recently robbed in Spain whilst a broken bottle was held to my throat. The offender has since been caught and is currently in a Spanish prison, but the trauma of my experience has caused me immense sleeping and eating problems. I keep having flashbacks of the horrific incident.

A: I am very sorry to hear of the tragic criminal injury incident you have endured.

Psychological injury in the manner you describe is quite common following a traumatic criminal event and females are more likely to suffer from such symptoms.

How do you make a criminal injury compensation claim in Spain?

To make a criminal injury compensation claim in Spain you should take the following steps:

1. Report the criminal event and injury to the Spanish police

You have clearly done this.

2. Attend at hospital and your GP to record your criminal injuries

criminal injury compensation Spain

Criminal Injury Compensation Spain

Please remember that it is not just your initial symptoms that should be reported, but also ongoing ones.

In EU countries the criminal claims process will vary between countries, but using Great Britain as an analogy the amount of criminal compensation your receive will be assessed from your GP report. Your GP will rely almost exclusively on your medical notes to describe your criminal injury.

If he doesn’t have a record of ongoing symptoms – your criminal compensation claim is at risk of being seriously undervalued.

3. Look at the Criminal Injury Compensation Claim pages of my website

Click criminal injury claim Spain to find out in plain English everything you need to know about making a criminal injury compensation claim in Spain or elsewhere in the EU

4. Contact the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority

The CICA is the organisation responsible for criminal compensation claims in Great Britain, but it has a special unit to help you make a claim in other European Countries, including Spain.

Click criminal injury compensation UK to find a link to access the CICA home page and receive assistance making a criminal injury compensation claim in Spain

To get to the page you want from the home page click on the third title down in the left hand menu entitled “apply for compensation”- a pull down menu will appear then click on the third link “in EU country”. This page will explain, with a contact number, what to do to make a claim in Spain.

Unfortunately, the links at the CICA change quite often so there may be some change in the near future.

5. Locate a Spanish Advocate to help you make your criminal injury compensation claim in Spain

Click the link below for links to find English speaking lawyers in Spain who can help you with your criminal injury claim.

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