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Can I claim criminal injuries compensation in Tenerife, Spain?

I was on holiday on the Spanish island of Tenerife when I was mugged and assaulted. I was in hospital for eight days with a fractured skull, broken cheek bone and eye socket which resulted in a five hour operation.

Can I claim compensation for criminal injuries in Tenerife?

Criminal Injuries Compensation Solicitor Response

To claim criminal injuries compensation in Tenerife, Spain you should consider the following steps:

1. Check whether your travel insurance includes accident insurance

Your travel insurance policy will typically include cover should you have an accident on holiday. A criminal injury is not an accident, but your accident insurance might also pay compensation for certain criminal injuries.

You should check your policy carefully and phone the insurer’s legal helpline number should you be uncertain.

criminal injury holiday spain

Criminal Injury Holiday Spain

2. Your travel insurance might include legal protection cover which will pay the legal costs of making your criminal injuries compensation claim in Tenerife

Legal protection insurance is different than holiday accident insurance. It does not pay you compensation, but will pay the cost of a personal injury lawyer pursuing your claim.

Alternatively, your insurance might have a legal helpline which will provide free legal advice in the event of an accident or injury.

3. Use the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority in the UK to help you claim in Tenerife

Tenerife is part of Spain which has its own form of criminal injuries compensation scheme.

The CICA in the UK has a European section which can help you contact the criminal injuries board in Spain.

See our criminal injury compensation article to discover how the CICA can help you claim criminal injuries compensation in Tenerife, Spain

4. Contact an English speaking personal injury lawyer in Spain

You might find progress with the CICA is too slow so you might consider contacting an English speaking Spanish lawyer to provide legal advice and help you with your claim.

See our law firms in Spain article to know how to find an English speaking Spanish personal injury lawyer.

5. Specialist personal injury solicitor free online help

See our specialist solicitor online and telephone free help – you can speak direct with our solicitors, ask an online question or choose a number of other help options.