Can I claim criminal injuries compensation for psychological injury?

I was held up at knife point by 3 masked men in my pub – this was traumatic and I ended up losing my job.

A: You can claim criminal injuries compensation for psychological trauma following a crime of violence, but only in the following circumstances:

1. You must have a medically verified recognized psychological injury to claim criminal injuries compensation in the UK

criminal injuries compensation solicitor

Criminal Injuries Compensation Solicitor

Psychological injury can take many different forms – some of which are recognized conditions, such as post traumatic stress disorder.

To succeed in a criminal injuries compensation claim a medically recognized condition must be medically verified as existing.

2. What type of medical expert verifies that you have a psychological trauma

If your GP verifies psychological trauma – it is unlikely to be sufficient to allow the CICA to make a compensation payment.

If however a treating psychiatrist or clinical psychologist verifies your condition and predicts it to last into the future – you are likely to receive an award between: £1,000 – £27,000

To ensure treatment by a psychiatrist or psychologist – you should initially report your ongoing symptoms to your GP and see if you can be referred for specialist treatment.

3. Contact the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority within two years of the crime of violence

The CICA is responsible for paying criminal injuries compensation in Great Britain and under the criminal injury scheme you generally have two years to make an application.

Click Criminal Injury to see how to start a criminal injuries compensation claim in Great Britain

4. Contact the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority to start your claim

I have written a page with all useful links in connection with criminal injuries in Great Britain.

Click Criminal Injuries Compensation Claim to find links to the CICA website where you can start your criminal injuries compensation claim.

5. Seek help from criminal injury compensation lawyers to make your claim

When your criminal injuries claim involves psychological injury it is often a good idea to contact a criminal injury compensation solicitor to make your claim.  This solicitor will likely take a percentage of your compensation in payment of legal fees, but this could still lead to a much higher compensation payment to you.

Ask yourself the question – is it better to make a claim yourself and receive 100% of a £1,000 claim or to use a solicitor and receive 75% of a £10,000 claim?

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