Legionnaires Disease Holiday Spain Claim

Legionnaires Disease Holiday Claim: How much can I claim in compensation for Legionnaires disease which I contracted whilst on holiday in Spain?

I contracted Legionnaires disease whilst on holiday in Spain, liability has been admitted and a sum of compensation offered.

I have not been offered any compensation for loss of earnings despite not being able to work for a number of years due to my illness – I wish to know if I can include lost earnings as part of my claim.

Holiday Illness And Disease Solicitor Response

To decide if you are entitled to claim compensation for your loss of earnings as a result of contracting Legionnaires disease whilst on holiday in Spain you need to consider:

1. Do you have a compensation claim for Legionnaires disease whilst on holiday?

Legionnaires disease holiday claim

Legionnaires Disease Holiday Claim

You have already indicated that fault has been accepted and an offer of compensation made, so it seems that you do not need to prove this particular point.

It is important to appreciate, however, that an offer of compensation can be made without fault having been legally accepted.

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2. Are you entitled to claim loss of earnings as part of your holiday accident compensation?

You should be able to claim your loss of earnings as part of your holiday accident compensation – as you should for many other types of loss that you may not have thought of including in your holiday accident claim.

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3. Does the person responsible for your Legionnaires disease have to pay your loss of earnings?

It is a matter for you as a claimant to prove this loss – a defendant does not automatically have to pay loss of earnings even if fault is admitted.

4. What is the most effective way of ensuring you receive your lost earnings and win the maximum amount of compensation for your holiday accident in Spain claim?

If you wish to receive lost earnings it is essential you have a UK package holiday claims solicitor make your claim for compensation.

Your solicitor will gather the evidence necessary to prove your lost earnings claim.

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5. Will you have to pay your legal costs in using a UK solicitor to make your holiday accident claim?

Your holiday accident claim for Legionnaires disease is no doubt worth over £1,000 and as such English law allows your legal costs to be claimed in addition to your compensation from the person legally at fault for your injury.

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