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Physical Sexual Abuse Claim Payouts Calculator

Find out how much compensation you can claim for physical and sexual abuse; how your solicitor uses expert medical evidence to show your physical and psychological injury plus aggravating factors that may enhance your claim payout; see calculations of compensation payout amounts made both by the civil courts and the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

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Table Of Payouts For Physical / Sexual Abuse Claims 2024

We recommend reading our whole article to see how we have calculated these summarised compensation payouts for physical and sexual abuse.

This table relates to payments that can be achieved for pain and suffering in the civil courts via trespass to the person claims and claims of negligence.

Physical / Sexual AbuseClaim Payout Amounts
(Civil Courts)
Short-lived abuse£9,700 – £20,600
Moderate abuse£20,600 – £45,000
Severe abuse£45,000 – £120,000

Table Of Criminal Injury Abuse Claim Settlements

This summary table sets out compensation payouts via the criminal injuries tariff scheme.

Physical / Sexual AbuseCriminal Injury Payments
All types of criminal injury abuse£1,000 – £44,000
Allowing Additional PaymentAdditional Compensation
Loss of foetus£5,500
Sexually transmitted infection£5,500 – £11,000
HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C£22,000
Criminal Injury Claim Payouts Differ Than Civil Court Claims
Criminal injury claims are made via the CICA (Criminal Injuries Claims Authority). However, the amount of compensation awarded is subject to a tariff scheme that is typically far less generous than the payouts you can recover via a personal injury claim in the civil courts.

How does your solicitor know how much compensation you can claim for abuse?

Your solicitor will instruct medical experts to compile reports describing your physical, sexual and psychological injuries. These reports are known as medico-legal reports. They typically conclude with a prognosis, setting out any future effects from the abuse you have experienced.

Thereafter, your solicitor refers to judicial guidance and claims decided by the courts in the past for payout amounts for similar injuries.

Injuries Are Rarely Identical To Claims Of The Past
Your solicitor will typically come up with a range of values for your compensation payouts.
It is very rare that all the circumstances and injuries will be identical to any in previous claims. Thus, a range of values will typically be put to you.

Should your claim be made via the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority and not the civil courts – the compensation awards are decided by a tariff scheme (see later).

What factors can make the physical and sexual abuse payout larger?

Factors that might affect the compensation payout you may be awarded, include:

The nature, duration and severity of the abuse

The type and degree of abuse will have an effect on your likely compensation payout.

The abuse could be repeated over many years, may include more than one person and involve more serious types of physical or sexual act.

Abuse that extends over a longer time period and is more severe in nature will attract more compensation than isolated or temporary short-lived less severe abuse.

The extent of physical injuries

The worse your injuries the more compensation you can claim.

Injuries might includes burns, wounds, hair pulled from the scalp, bruising, disfigurement.

Sexual assault can also lead to internal bodily injuries, sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.

The extent of psychological injury

You can claim compensation if the abuse you experience is purely psychological

Watch out – physical abuse will likely cause some psychological injury in additional to physical injuries.

So long as your psychological injury is caused by the abuse, the more serious the psychological injury and the more permanent in nature it might be – the larger the likely compensation sums you will receive

physical sexual abuse compensation
Physical And Sexual Abuse Victim

Responsiveness to treatment and future vulnerability

If treatment is unlikely to help reduce psychological injury and you are more vulnerable in the future – your compensation award is likely to be higher.

Effects on education, ability to work and relationships

Clearly abuse can affect your educational attainment – especially if it occurs whilst you are a child. It may have an effect on your ability to hold down a job or progress at work.

The ability to have relationships will often be affected by the abuse you have experienced.

The worse the effect on these areas of your life – the more your compensation payout award is likely to be.

Manipulation, humiliation, distress, anger and need to relive events

If the offender manipulated you to believe the abuse was in some way your fault; you feel humiliation, distress and anger from the abuse or you are forced to relive events by having to give evidence at court – you may be entitled to aggravated damages. This is an increase to the amount of compensation you may have recovered for pain and suffering.

What are punitive damages?

Depending on the abuser – the court might agree to punitive damages – known as exemplary damages. This will be an extra sum of compensation awarded to punish a wrong doer and so discourage further acts. This might be the case if the wrongdoer was a business that was making extra profit by covering up abuse allegations.

Compensation Payout Calculations For Civil Court Physical And Sexual Abuse Claims

This section gives examples of compensation payouts for abuse claims decided by the civil courts in 2024.

Claim For Financial Loss And Expense
Payout calculations set out below are for your pain, suffering and loss of amenity only. However, you may be able to claim in addition financial loss and expense as a direct result of your injuries.

Short-lived abuse

The abuse you experience is isolated or short in duration, not so severe and with treatment leads to psychological recovery. Your likely abuse compensation payout will be between £9,700 – £20,600.

Moderate Abuse

This is where the abuse is worse in nature with longer lasting effects than that set out in the short-lived abuse section. Notably the psychological reaction is not so pronounced as in the severe abuse section to follow. Compensation payments are likely to be calculated between £20,600 – £45,000.

Most severe abuse

In the most severe examples of abuse – you will have experienced the worst types of abuse and have significant psychological injury. You will likely struggle to have personal relationships, find education and work difficult. The abuse claim payout you will likely recover is between £45,000 – £120,000.

Criminal injury compensation payouts for abuse via the CICA

If the claim is against an individual who does not have the means to pay and the police believe a crime of violence or abuse occurred – your solicitor is likely to make a criminal injuries claim via the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority / CICA.

Physical and sexual abuse criminal injury payments

Payments for abuse via the criminal injuries compensation authority is subject to different amounts of compensation as the CICA has a tariff system (fixed amounts for fixed types of abuse). The amount of compensation can vary, but at present is calculated between £1,000 – £44,000.

Additional compensation for sexual abuse criminal injury claims

There may also be additional compensation payments as a direct result of sexual assault, including:

Becoming pregnant

Should you have become pregnant as a direct result of sexual abuse you can be awarded an additional compensation payout of £5,500.

Loss of foetus

You might lose a foetus by abuse or by the acts of violence, in which case the additional compensation award will be £5,500.

Sexually transmitted infections

Should you catch a sexually transmitted infection from sexual abuse you could be awarded an additional compensation payout of £5,500 – £11,000.

Watch out – HIV, Hepatitis B or C are considered more severe conditions and are subject to larger additional compensation payments.

Infection with HIV, Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C

Should you catch more significant infections – namely HIV, Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C, you can receive additional compensation of £22,000.

Infections From Other Violent Act
It is not just sexual abuse that can cause these infections.
You may be entitled to an additional payment should you catch an infection as a direct result of some other form of crime of violence.

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