Workplace Accident Compensation Fall Down Steps Claim: My brother had an accident at work earlier this year when he fell down some steps – can he claim compensation from his employer?

Workplace accident compensation fall down steps claim: my brother returned to work for three days and his leg was very painful. He visited his doctor on the fourth day and was signed off sick.

He cannot walk and the employer has sent him P45 saying he was casual labour. No entry of his injury was made in the accident book by the employer.

Subsequently I wrote to the insurance company who state that they have three months to investigate from the date of my letter.

Please guide me as to what I should do?

A: There are several things that we must establish before I will know if you have a good claim:

workplace accident compensation fall down steps claim

Workplace Accident Compensation Fall Down Steps Claim

We need to show that the employer was at fault in some way for the accident to make him liable to pay compensation.

2. Why no entry was made in the work accident book of the fall?

Did your brother tell his employer of the fall and his injury? Was it the employer’s mistake not to enter the accident? Did he inform his employer or other work colleagues of the accident?

3. Why it took four days to see the GP following the work accident?

There may be the suggestion from your brother’s employer that he did not report the injury at work or to his GP for four days, so the accident may not have happened in the way your brother has described.

4. What the GP was told about how the fall at work happened?

He should have told the GP of the accident at work circumstances – the GP should have recorded details of the fall on his records.

5. The extent of your brother’s workplace injury?

If your brother’s injury is quite serious then, as long as it is worth over £1000, he can instruct a solicitor to deal with his claim using a “no win no fee” agreement, so he will not have to pay to make his claim for compensation and his legal costs will be met by his employer.

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6. The answer to your workplace accident compensation question

The answer to your question is simple – I need to contact your brother to decide if it is cost effective for him to use an accident solicitor to make his claim. I can do this free of charge, but I will need some more information from him.

Please click on the link below to fill in and send a confidential online form that I use to allow clients to give me more information about their accident – this form will take you through step by step the additional information I need.

The confidential form can be used for all manner of personal injury so please add in the “description of the accident” your response to the questions I have set out in 1 – 5 above.

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