Work Accident Claim Legal Steps: What should I do to claim compensation from my employer for a workplace injury?

Work accident claim legal steps: I recently had an accident at work and I am not too sure if I have a compensation claim. I am intimidated by the legal steps in making a compensation claim including contacting a solicitor.

A: Don’t be intimidated by the legal steps in making a compensation claim

work accident claim legal steps

Work Accident Claim Legal Steps

Free initial consultation with an accident at work solicitor to assess your claim for compensation

A specialist accident at work solicitor will explain all the steps that are necessary to make you compensation claim and will assess your likely chances of success.

To alleviate client anxiety many accident solicitor firms provide a free initial no obligation consultation – you can discuss your claim safe in the knowledge it will not cost you any money, but remember you must be careful to choose a specialist accident at work solicitor before agreeing to any meeting.

Legal cost of making your accident at work claim

In England and Wales, so long as your accident at work claim for personal injury is worth over £1000 your employer will have to meet your legal costs of making your compensation claim.

Work accident lawyers have a whole range of ways of ensuring that you do not have to pay any money up front and to ensure that no deductions are made from your compensation.

Click no win no fee work accident claim to discover all about no win no fee agreements and other ways of funding the legal costs of making a compensation claim.

free online legal help from the accident claim expert

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