Accident At Work Compensation Claim

Accident At Work Compensation Should I Claim: I am worried about losing my job if I make a claim against my employer

Accident at work compensation should I claim: I had an accident at work last year – as I was walking out of a lift at my workplace an unguarded ladder left by a workman slipped and hit me in the face. I have been left with a bad scar on my face and I think I am entitled to claim compensation for personal injury. I am trying to decide if I should claim for accident at work compensation.

Accident At Work Compensation Claim Solicitor Response

When you have an accident at work and are considering making a claim for compensation from your employer it is natural to be concerned about the impact making such a claim will have on your job.

accident at work compensation claim

Accident At Work Compensation Claim

Let me put your mind at rest – making an accident at work compensation claim should not affect your job position for the following reasons:

1. Your employer will have UK insurance to pay accident at work compensation claims made by workers

Your employer is required by the law in the United Kingdom to have some form of mandatory insurance for the risk of injuries to employees like yourself – so your employer will only pay the excess on its insurance policy for any claim made against it.

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2. Your employer will expect you to make a compensation claim.

Most employers will accept and even expect employees following an accident at work, such as yours to make a claim for compensation.

3. Your employer cannot dismiss you for making an accident at work compensation claim

It is likely to be automatically considered unfair dismissal should your employer attempt to dismiss you as a result of an accident at work.

4. You are doing your employer a service by making a claim

You obviously work in a dangerous workplace if a ladder can fall and hit you where elevators are operating. By making a claim you will protect fellow employees from similar accidents and ensure your employer does not make similar mistakes.

You received a nasty injury, but if this happened again someone could be killed and nobody wants that to happen.

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