What time period is available to make an injury at work claim for compensation in the United Kingdom?

Time period make injury at work claim: I had an injury at work over 3 years ago due to the fault of my employer. I visited my doctor who stated I had suffered a muscle injury (I was told it would heal itself) and the pain quickly subsided.

This year my symptoms returned – I visited my new doctor who sent me for physio which did not help, so I was referred to a consultant who sent me for a scan which highlighted the fact that the old injury sustained on my back had deteriorated.

Although my work back injury happened and was documented over 3 years ago – it is only this year I have become aware of the nature of the original injury I suffered.

Is it too late to make a work injury claim?

A: To decide the time period to make a UK injury at work claim you must consider:

time period make injury at work claim

Injury At Work Claim Time Period

1. Standard three year time period to start a UK injury at work claim

Generally, there are three years from the date of a workplace accident or the date of knowledge of a work injury to start a claim for compensation in the UK. By knowledge I mean that you knew you had suffered a reasonably significant injury in the workplace.

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2. Possible exceptions to the three year time period to make a UK injury at work claim

I recently had another client contact me with similar accident at work circumstances as your own. After a discussion we decided it was not too late to make a worker compensation claim, as his current symptoms were as a result of another later workplace accident exacerbating or making his symptoms worse.

In his UK workplace accident compensation claim we took the three year time period as running from the date of the event that exacerbated his symptoms, so he was not out of time to start his compensation claim.

3. Have the accident claim expert or another UK specialist injury at work solicitor contact you free of charge to discuss the time period to make your claim

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