Work Accident Injury Insurance: I have a dangerous job and I am required to have in place no fault injury insurance in the event of a workplace accident.

Work accident injury insurance: I had an accident in January 2007 and I did not renew my annual insurance in July 2007.

I am now being told by my previous work accident injury insurer that I cannot claim, because I no longer have an insurance policy with them – is this correct or can I still make a claim for my work accident?

A:  I would be very surprised if your work accident injury insurance could refuse to pay for your injury for the following reasons:

work accident injury insurance

Work Accident Injury Insurance

1. You had a valid work accident injury insurance at the time of your accident

I recommend you read your copy of your accident insurance policy. This should spell out what your rights are.

I do think it unlikely that your insurer could refuse to pay on the basis you did not renew with them, as accident insurance is usually an annual policy – so long as your workplace accident happened within the year period of insurance you should be covered.

2. Did the type of injury you suffered fall within the prescribed types of work injury that you are insured for in the event of an accident?

A personal accident injury insurance policy will normally only pay compensation for certain types of workplace injury – your policy should list all the injuries. I recommend you check the policy wording carefully.

3. Don’t delay – start your compensation claim for your injury from your work accident insurer

Often accident insurers have policies which impose tight time limits for you to submit a claim form.  I recommend that you submit your claim form now to avoid falling foul of this time period and if your insurer wishes to argue you are not covered then so be it.

4. Your UK employer should have its own employee work accident insurance

I am uncertain as to the type of job you do, but an employer in the United Kingdom should have in place proper work accident insurance for its employees. If your accident was your employer’s fault in the eyes of the law – you should have a claim directly against your employer for compensation, for which your employer must be insured.

If your employer was required to ensure you had your own accident injury insurance in place – it might be your employer’s responsibility if you are unable to claim from your insurer.

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5. Further online free assistance

I can help you further with your claim free of charge in a number of ways – to select the free legal help you prefer click on the link below and complete a short confidential online form.

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