Can I claim compensation for loss of use of vehicle in a motor insurance claim?

Motor insurance claim: compensation for loss of use? Does a UK motor insurance policy need to have specific wording to allow me to claim for loss of use of vehicle as part of my compensation claim following a UK road traffic accident?

Motor Vehicle Accident Solicitor Response: Your question is a little vague, but I think you find the following information of assistance

motor insurance claim for loss of use

Motor Insurance Claim For Loss Of Use

1. What is “loss of use” of vehicle in a motor insurance claim?

“Loss of use” of vehicle is a type of loss that a driver in a UK road traffic accident suffers when he cannot use his vehicle due to damage, but he does not make use of a hire vehicle. It is normally for the period between the damage to the motor vehicle in the RTA and the repair of the motor vehicle following the RTA.

2. When can you claim from the UK motor vehicle insurer of the driver at fault for loss of use of vehicle

You can claim from the insurer of the driver who caused your accident for loss of use of vehicle if your solicitor thinks it is applicable. The decision of the motor insurer to pay or not is not based upon any insurance policy wording – it is a matter of UK law as to whether you are entitled to claim or not.

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3. Can you claim from your own UK motor insurer for loss of use of vehicle?

To decide if you can claim against your own insurer will depend totally on the wording of your UK motor insurance policy as to what you are entitled to claim, but It is very unlikely you will be able to claim from your own motor insurer for loss of use.

I have known of motor insurers to include the cost of a hire vehicle whilst your vehicle is being repaired following an accident, but I have never known of a driver’s own insurer paying loss of use of vehicle. I would be very surprised if any insurer would include this in their policy to their own insured.

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