Road Accident Company Vehicle: In a rta involving a company vehicle who is responsible for paying the other driver’s compensation?

Road accident company vehicle: I work for a company that provided me with a works van. I was told by my employer to take the company vehicle to have tyres fitted, so I took the vehicle to a tyre depot first thing the next morning Saturday). Upon leaving the depot I was involved in a minor road accident on a roundabout. I gave the other driver my employer’s details and we left.

My employer is now saying that I am not covered by the company insurance for a road accident at the weekend.

I was never told this. I was only ever told not to use the van for non-company use.

A: To tell you who is responsible for paying compensation for your road accident in a company vehicle I will need more information, including:

road accident company vehicle

Road Accident Company Vehicle

1. More details about your road accident in the company vehicle

I presume you are saying the collision was your fault?

Did you or the other party sustain injuries?

2. Your employer’s company vehicle insurance policy

You would perhaps need to see a copy of the insurance policy for the works vehicle, but I suspect that you will be covered as it is illegal to drive a motor vehicle on the road without insurance, so a blanket exclusion for weekends would seem to me very unusual.

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3. Online free legal help with your road accident company vehicle claim

The best way for me to answer your question would be for you to provide me with some more details of your accident, so I recommend you use the link below to contact me for free online

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