Whiplash Compensation How Much? Can you provide an expert guide on the amount of compensation I can claim for my whiplash injury?

Whiplash compensation: I suffered a whiplash neck injury in a road traffic accident six months ago. My neck pain has resolved itself except for a bad twinge every now and again.

whiplash compensation

Whiplash Compensation

A: For an expert guide as to how much whiplash compensation you can receive you must take the following steps:

1. Decide if your whiplash injury has fully resolved itself

A client will often tell me that their whiplash is better and yet still complain about ongoing twinges of pain in the neck. This is intermittent pain and medically means that your whiplash is still ongoing.

The duration of your whiplash neck injury pain is essential to determining how much you should receive for your whiplash injury.

2. Explain to your GP any ongoing whiplash symptoms you are suffering

All you can do is be honest, but never underestimate the significance of ongoing whiplash symptoms.

Remember – whiplash involves the spine and so the central nervous system. It can be a very serious injury and cause long term symptoms. It is therefore essential that you tell your GP of any pain including the intermittent neck pain you have described and this will be recorded on your records.

3. A medico-legal report from a consultant orthopaedic surgeon with a speciality in spinal injury is essential to deciding how much whiplash compensation you should be able to claim

At the moment your whiplash has lasted six months, but is still ongoing as you are receiving twinges of neck pain every now and again. A back consultant will have access to your General Practitioner notes and meet you during a short examination to decide the severity of your whiplash injury and give a prognosis or estimate as to how long your neck injury will continue.

4. A UK specialist road accident solicitor must be contacted to look at the medical evidence and provide you with an expert guide as to how much your whiplash compensation is worth

A specialist United Kingdom RTA lawyer can only provide guidelines as to how much compensation you can claim based upon medical evidence. Your symptoms of pain are ongoing and as such the prognosis is essential to determine how much whiplash compensation an accident solicitor will advise you are entitled to.

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5. Case Law and the Judicial College Guidelines – expert guide as to how much whiplash compensation claims are worth in the United Kingdom

Your whiplash injury compensation lawyer will rely on expert guidelines to decide how much whiplash compensation you can claim.

Previous case law will describe the sums that English courts have compensated whiplash victims with in the past. Your accident solicitor will find a similar case describing a similar whiplash injury as the one you have suffered so he can put a value on your compensation claim.

The Judicial College Guidelines – is a book with all manner of injury types, including whiplash, which provides a summary of compensation payments made to accident victims by the courts in England and Wales. This book is a general guide to solicitors and is updated annually.

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