Whiplash Neck Injury Compensation: Could you tell me the different types of accident which are likely to give rise to a whiplash accident claim?

Whiplash neck injury: from a legal point of view to make a compensation claim for a UK whiplash neck injury you must have been involved in an accident in which someone other than yourself was at fault for causing your accident.

Whiplash neck injury

Whiplash Neck Injury

Some typical whiplash neck injury accidents include:

1. Car accident causing your whiplash neck injury

Click causes of a whiplash injury to discover what a whiplash injury is and how it can be caused from wearing a seat belt in a collision involving your car

2. Whiplash neck injury from a collision involving a coach or other large vehicle

The most common road accident in the United Kingdom involve cars, but other vehicles have collisions all of the time and when the vehicles are large, such as coaches or lorries, the forces that come into play can be quite enormous.

For you to suffer a whiplash type injury – normally you will have been wearing a seat belt at the time of your accident. In many large vehicles the use of seatbelts by passengers is optional – but due to a number of accidents and the need to enhance passenger safety most large vehicles are fitted with seatbelts.

You are perhaps less likely to suffer a whiplash neck injury as a passenger on a coach involved in a collision with a smaller vehicle, but if the coach collides with another large vehicle or comes to an abrupt stop there is a real risk of whiplash injuries.

Symptoms Of A Whiplash Injury Click this link to learn what the symptoms of a whiplash are and why they can take sometime to appear

3. Whiplash neck injury from fairground rides

Whiplash type injuries are not only caused in road traffic accidents – in many fairground rollercoaster rides you are restrained in your seat and large forces come to play on your body. If something goes wrong and an accident occurs – whiplash neck injuries can be suffered.

I have acted in cases of injuries including neck pain and whiplash when, for example, one carriage on a rollercoaster collides with another.

What you should do if you suspect you have suffered a whiplash neck injury in the UK

I recommend you:

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