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Child Accident Claims

Accidents involving children (under the age of 16 in Scotland or under the age of 18 in the rest of the UK) require a modified legal procedure than claims for adults.

Compensation Claims

Guidance for general matters involving personal injury compensation claims.

Criminal Injury Claims

Claiming compensation for injury suffered as a result of a crime of violence will typically require an application to the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority.

Fatal Injury Claims

Injury can be so severe to cause immediate fatality or death at some time later. The rules of who can claim and how much to claim can be quite complex.

Holiday Accident Claim

Accidents can occur whilst on holiday in the UK or overseas. The rules of claiming depend on the type of accident, the country the accident occurred in and whether travel insurance was available.

Industrial Disease Compensation

Industrial disease also known as occupational injury usually deal with the complicated claims relating to exposure to a hazardous work environment for a long period of time.

Medical Negligence Compensation / Clinical Negligence Claims

Medical negligence is also known as clinical negligence. It involves claiming for compensation when injury is suffered from the acts. misdiagnosis or omissions by GP’s, hospitals, dentists and other medical professionals.

Occupiers Liability

Occupiers liability concerns claims when injury is suffered whilst on the land or property of another as a lawful visitor, sometimes even when trespassing is occurring.

Product Liability Claims

Manufactures of products owe users a duty to ensure that the product is safe for use – defects that cause injury can lead to claims for compensation.

Public Liability Claim / Shop Accidents, Pavement Slips Trips

When you are in a public place and suffer injury there will often be some person or business at fault for your accident. Public liability claims deal with accidents in public areas – this might include shops, supermarkets, council property.

Road Traffic Accident Claims

Road users – whether the driver of an automated vehicle, a passenger, pedestrian, cyclist, horse rider or other user – will often be able to claim compensation for injury so long as the law finds fault from another person or business.

Slip Trip Fall Accident

Slips, trips and falls can occur on roads, pavements, at work, in public places, in schools. If you suffer injury you should inquire with a solicitor as to whether you might be able to claim.

Sporting Injury Claims

Injuries when playing sports are common. Often accident insurance will be in place irrespective of fault. In teh absence of such insurance it must be shown that someone was at fault for your accident.

Work Accident Claims

Injuries at work are very common and can happen in a great variety of ways. An employer has a very strict duty of care – even when the accident might seem to be your fault there can often exist a claim for compensation.

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