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Claim Slip Trip Fall: Step by step guide to claiming compensation for personal injury

Thinking of making a claim following injury in a slip, trip or fall accident? Our guide sets out the most common types of accidents – with a link to our article setting out how you can make a claim for that accident type. Along the way we answer typical questions that you are likely to have before deciding whether to make a claim for compensation.

Questions before claiming for injury in a slip, trip or fall

Typical questions you might have that are answered in our specific articles, include:

  1. Is someone responsible for your slip trip fall accident?
  2. How do you show that someone is legally at fault for your accident?
  3. How much is your injury claim likely to be worth?
  4. How do you employ the services of a solicitor using a no win no fee?

How do you use our guide to find the most relevant article?

Follow our articles in order for a step by step guide as to how to claim compensation for slip trip fall accidents.

Headings are used to group pages under the part of the legal process they describe. At the end of each article we provide a link to the next article we recommend.

If you have just been involved in a slip trip or fall – we suggest you follow each heading in order. You will be taken through everything you need to know to make a claim – from what you should do immediately following your accident and ending with how to instruct a specialist solicitor using a no win no fee or some other form of funding arrangement.

If you have already commenced your claim for compensation – we suggest you consider each heading below and select the article that is of most interest to you.

public highway compensation claim slip trip fall accident
Public Highway Claim Slip Trip Fall

Our index of articles to claiming compensation for slips, trips and falls

Peruse our headings and select the most relevant article.

The Immediate Steps Following Your Accident

Trip slip fall compensation claim

What are the immediate steps you take immediately following a trip slip fall accident in the UK? How to gather evidence of a fault with a pavement or road to support your claim for compensation from the council or highways authority.

What is a public highway accident

What is a public highway? The different types of road, street and pavement defect which can cause you to have a UK accident claim.

Highway trip slip compensation claim

How to show the council is responsible for your UK highway trip slip compensation claim and how to defeat the council’s statutory defence that a regular and proper system of inspection was in place.

Shop injury claims

How to claim compensation for the most common types of accident in supermarkets, shops and shopping centres.

Average Payouts Examples And How Long You Have To Claim

Compensation payouts for typical slip and trip personal injuries

Examples of the amounts of compensation you can claim for typical injuries caused in slip trip fall accidents with an explanation as to how your solicitor determines the amount of compensation your specific injury is worth.

Compensation amounts for all body parts

A list of body parts and types of injuries with examples of how much compensation you can claim.

How long to claim for a slip trip fall accident

Find out why you have three years from the date of your accident or knowledge of your injury to commence a claim at court – with exceptions to the three year rule.

Choosing The Best Accident Lawyer To Start Your Claim

Personal injury lawyer

Find out what a specialist UK personal injury solicitor is together with ways to check that lawyer’s level of expertise and experience before you commit to signing an agreement..

No win no fee

Free and least expensive ways of funding legal costs involved in claiming accident compensation. Where to look for insurance policies you are likely to have in place to meet legal costs and how no win no fee agreements operate to meet your solicitor’s costs.

Summary And Next Steps

This article guided you through the complete process of making a claim for a slip trip or fall – from the initial steps you should take immediately following your accident to using a no win no fee to fund the best lawyer to help you claim.

We recommend you see our trip slip fall accident immediate steps article to find out what you should do when you are involved in a slip trip fall accident.

Specialist Solicitor Free Help

Use our online and telephone solicitor help – to ask your own question, have your claim assessed or speak to a specialist solicitor direct.