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Slip Trip Personal Injury Amounts: Examples of how much compensation you can claim for the most common types of injuries in slipping and tripping accidents

Slip trip personal injury compensation calculations: On this page you will learn how your accident solicitor calculates the amount of money your slip trip personal injury is worth, the most common types of injury you are likely to suffer – examples are given of how much compensation you can expect to receive.

How does your personal injury solicitor know how much UK compensation to claim for your pain and suffering?

Your personal injury solicitor is able to value pain and suffering for your slip trip injury by looking at the sums awarded for a similar injury in the UK courts in the past.

If a past claim was decided some years ago – your accident lawyer will increase the sum in line with inflation before using it to value your injury as at today’s date.

What are the common types of injury from a slip trip or fall accident and how compensation are they likely to be worth?

Gravity can be a formidable foe – as well you may know if you have been the victim of an unexpected fall.

Some people are lucky and will escape with scrapes and bruises, but those less fortunate will suffer a more significant injury such as:

1. Facial injuries Compensation Amounts

It is quite common especially amongst the old that injuries to the face are sustained in a slip trip accident. An older person’s reaction speed is slower so they may not have the time to protect their face before hitting the floor.

The most common facial injuries and their approximate value, include:

a) Compensation Values For Cheek Bone injury

Simple fracture of cheek bone with no surgery and full recovery will lead to compensation calculated between: £1,900 – £2,500

Serious fracture of the cheek bone in a slip trip accident can be worth just over: up to £13,000

See our cheekbone fracture claim amounts article for up to date amounts for cheekbone injuries.

b) Amounts For Jaw Injuries In A Slip Trip Accident

Simple fracture of the jaw with a complete recovery: £5,400 – £7,400

Serious fractures of the jaw can be worth just over: up to £38,000

We have set out the most recent compensation amounts are set out in our jaw bone fracture calculations article.

c) Sums Damage For Damage To Teeth

Loss or damage to one front tooth: up to £3,300

Loss or damage to several front teeth: up to £9,600

For more detailed information on tooth damage compensation claims see our dental compensation claim article.

d) Scarring to your face

Click facial scarring compensation to see examples of the amounts of compensation you can receive for scars to the face in a slip trip accident.

2. Arms, Shoulder, Wrist Injury Compensation Calculations

As an individual falls they will often attempt to break their fall with their arms causing damage to the shoulder, wrist or arm.

The most common arm and shoulder injuries and their approximate values, include:

a) Injury to your wrist

Minor fracture of wrist with a full recovery within a year: £2,900 – £3,700

The most serious slip trip wrist injuries can be worth: up to £51,000

See our wrist bone injury compensation article for more types of wrist injury and the current amounts you can claim

slip trip compensation claim amounts

Slip Trip Compensation Claim Amounts

b) Injury to your arm

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c) Shoulder injury

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As well as compensation for your personal injury you are entitled to claim a whole range of other expenses so I recommend you:

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Slip Trip Personal Injury Summary

You have seen the most common type of slip trip personal injury you are likely to suffer with examples of how much compensation you are likely to recover for each.

Finding A Personal Injury Solicitor And Free Online Solicitor Help

Finding a good solicitor to help you claim compensation is an essential step and can be teh difference between winning and losing and recovering the correct amount or being under compensated.

See our personal injury solicitor article describing how to choose a solicitor to make your slip trip personal injury claim.

Remember – you can take advantage of our specialist solicitor online / telephone free help, providing both online and telephone assistance with assessing your slip trip personal injury claim.