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About Kevin Bolton Solicitors: Our Founder’s Personal Experience And Legal Expertise

Our founder, Kevin Bolton, describes in his own words his childhood experience of serious personal injury that shaped the unique nature of Kevin Bolton Solicitors.

We became the first and only solicitors in the country to offer a unique free legal help service (direct from experienced solicitors) with no strings attached.

You will discover the extensive legal expertise that you can benefit from and our areas of legal specialism.

Kevin Bolton’s childhood experience of personal injury

My name is Kevin Bolton. I am the founder of Kevin Bolton Solicitors.

Serious road accident

When I was a child of 9 years of age I was involved in a road accident.

I was hit by a car on a zebra crossing and thrown onto another car coming in the opposite direction, sustaining serious injuries – both physical and psychological.

Dangers of using a solicitor who is not a specialist

My mother instructed a lawyer who was not a specialist personal injury solicitor and my claim was settled before the extent of my injuries was realised.

Fearful of continuing claim

In later life – my mother explained that she was fearful of continuing with my claim as her solicitor had not answered all her questions in a way that she could understand.

Our mission to take the stress out of claiming compensation

This childhood experience is the reason I became an accident claim expert solicitor.

I don’t want you to go through the stress that my family experienced.

I hope by giving you the answers to all your questions you will be able to claim the compensation you deserve with confidence.

Contact us directly if you can’t find an answer to your question

If you can’t find the answer to a question you may have on this site, simply Contact Us directly for our free help services.

You can ask me a question direct and in person – by phone or online.

We offer a solicitor free callback and claim assessment.

See our accident claim expert mission article for more details of how we can help you.

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Founder – Kevin Bolton Solicitor

Kevin Bolton qualified in 1996 as a UK solicitor specialising in personal injury law.

Specialist personal injury solicitor and accident claim expert

In 1999 he was accepted onto what was then known as the Law Society Personal Injury Panel being recognised as an accident claim expert and specialist in personal injury claims.

Since then he went on to deal with the most complex and high value types of injury claim, as well as training solicitors, developing legal departments (in some instances temporarily running other law firms to help in the event of crisis) and publishing a legal book.

Founding Kevin Bolton Solicitors

Kevin founded Kevin Bolton Solicitors almost 20 years ago.

The structure of Kevin Bolton Solicitors was (and is still) unique – offering a legal consultancy, legal practice and free help services to accident victims.

We provide independent free legal help and assistance to accident victims.

To date – no other solicitor firm provides an equivalent service.

When you call Kevin Bolton Solicitors’helpline – you speak direct to Kevin. Therefore, you speak directly with a highly experienced solicitor, and yes that is free of charge.

Other Law Firms Say They Offer A Legal Helpline – But Do They?
Since we set up our free legal help service for accident victims – many other law firms have tried to duplicate this service.
However, when you call us – you speak direct to an experienced specialist solicitor.
Other law firms answer calls using inexperienced call handlers with no legal expertise. Their sole role is to try to get a claim from you if it is worth their while. they have no interest in first answering your questions or hearing what you have to say
So why not ask the question when you call – are you a solicitor?

Kevin Bolton Solicitors areas of specialism

We can help with all manner of personal injury claims.

This can range from

Road accident claims

Road accident claims include injury to drivers and passengers caused by motor vehicle collision. This might be cars, cans, trucks, motorcycles, mopeds or mobility vehicles.

Examples of road accident claims – can also include injury by motor vehicles to pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders, etc.

Work injury compensation

Work injury can involve claims by employees and the self-employed. Your injury may have been at a fixed workplace or whilst working elsewhere.

Public place injury claims

There are many places which can be considered public places. This might be shops and supermarkets, nightclubs, libraries and even on the streets.

Industrial injury compensation

Industrial disease claims may include lung disease (for example – coal miner’s black lung, asbestos-related conditions, asthma) hearing loss (for example deafness and tinnitus), vibration conditions (such as VWF and HAVS) and skin conditions( for example contact dermatitis).

Clinical negligence claims

Medical negligence might include GP negligence and hospital error.

Fatal accidents

Accidents involving death can be more complicated than ordinary personal injury claims. Death may be caused in an accident or as a result of clinical negligence.

Overseas accidents

Only some types of holiday accident can be made from the UK. Most notable are package holiday claims and some types of European road accident (more difficult following Brexit).

Still if you have an accident overseas – we recommend you speak to use to see if we can help. If not – we do have some contacts with lawyers across the world that may be able to help where we cannot.

Child accidents

Child claims adopt a unique procedure and will invariably requite the input from the courts – even when liability is accepted.

Slips and trips

You may simply trip on a pavement defect, slip in a shop or fall due to defective flooring at work.

Criminal injury

You may be injured as a result of a crime of violence. In this instance – you may still be able to claim compensation even when the perpetrator is not known.

Child abuse

Abuse can occur in the home, but also within some establishments and in some sporting environments.

Summary Of Kevin Bolton Solicitors

A childhood experience of serious injury lead to the creation of Kevin Bolton Solicitors. We have set out our areas of specialism and legal expertise . Why not from our extensive website. legal guides and free initial legal help.

Start by seeing are accident compensation claim guides – explaining the process of claiming for all type of personal injury, medical negligence and accident claim.

Alternatively use our specialist solicitor free legal help contact – to get in touch with us about your personal injury experience.