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Locum GP Fatal Overdose: Claim Clinical Negligence Compensation

Find out when it is possible the spouse and children of the deceased to claim compensation in the UK for locum GP negligence leading to death.

Locum GP Fatal Clinical Negligence Compensation Question

My husband passed away last year due to a locum doctor at his GP practice prescribing him too much of a drug required for his health issues. This resulted in an overdose, which proved fatal.

I was dependent on my husband’s income and we had two young children.

Is it possible to make a claim for compensation for the locum GP’s error?

Medical Negligence Solicitor Response

In the news you will no doubt here regular reports of GP’s and locum GP’s prescribing the wrong drugs or the incorrect dosages of drugs for patients.

Patients have rights, which ensure that a medical professional is just that and will not make simple errors.

Treating a patient with the incorrect drug, or prescribing too large a dose of the correct drug, can cause significant problems even death as was the case for your husband.

As you suspect that your husband was subject to clinical negligence, you should first proceed via the NHS patient’s complaints procedure of the GP practice, so that the mater can be investigated.

The process for claiming medical negligence compensation is quite involved, so it is important you seek the assistance of a specialist clinical negligence solicitor.

locum gp negligence compensation claim

Locum GP Medical Negligence Compensation Claim

Remember – spouses and family members are entitled to recover compensation as the fatality occurred due to clinical negligence and this can include a dependency loss due to dependency on the deceased’s income.

Clinical negligence solicitor free help with locum GP medical negligence

Before deciding how to proceed it is often helpful for the family of the deceased to speak to a specialist solicitor or to ask some online questions.

You can use our solicitor online / telephone help service to help with locum GP negligence or other forms of GP medical negligence claim.