Locum GP Fatal Overdose: Claim Clinical Negligence Compensation

When Is It Possible To Claim Compensation In The UK For A General Practitioner’s Medical Negligence?

In the news I read reports all the time of GP’s and locum GP’s prescribing the wrong drugs or the incorrect dosages of drugs for patients.

Patients have rights, which ensure that a medical professional is just that and will not make simple errors.

Treating a patient with the incorrect drug, or prescribing too large a dose of the correct drug, can cause significant problems even death.

If you suspect that you have been subject of clinical negligence, you should write a formal written complaint to the NHS Trust or other body responsible for medical treatment and speak to a specialist clinical negligence solicitor.

The process for claiming compensation is quite involved and will require your solicitor instructing an independent medical consultant to verify negligence has occurred.

Remember – family members are entitled to recover compensation if a fatality occurred due to clinical negligence.

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