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Vibration White Finger Compensation: Payment Calculator For Work-Related VWF Claims

Find out what a vibration white finger compensation claim is; how VWF is caused in the working environment; the severity levels governed by the Stockholm Workshop Scale and other factors; average compensation payout amounts for different levels of pain from white finger from minor to severe plus see the other types of loss and expense you can

We start with a summarising table of payment amounts  and explanation of how vibration white finger is caused in the workplace.

Table Of Vibration White Finger Compensation Payouts In 2023

This payout table is a snapshot of the amounts that you can claim for pain and suffering caused by vibration white finger.

Read on – we go into more detail of how to calculate your claim settlement later in this article and explain how you can claim financial loss and expense in additions to the figures shown in our table.

Vibration White Finger InjuryCompensation Payout
Minor£3,000 – £8,700
Moderate£8,700 – £16,800
Serious£16,800 – £31,700
Severe£31,700 – £38,500

How is vibration white finger caused in the working environment?

Vibration white finger (also known as VWF or white finger) is typically caused from exposure over long periods of time to vibrating machinery at work.

See our symptoms of VWF article for more details as to how is caused together with the symptoms to look out for in your hands.

What is a vibration white finger compensation claim?

Your employer may be shown by your solicitor to be legally at fault (negligent or in breach of statutory duty) for your exposure to prolonged excessive vibration at work.

In addition – your solicitor must show that your exposure was proven to cause you to develop a white finger or HAVS condition – known as medical causation.

A vibration white finger compensation claim is therefore a claim for the pain and suffering your VWF condition causes you to experience plus the financial loss and expense that you encounter as a direct result of your injury.

How is your pain and suffering compensation payment calculated?

The amount of compensation you can claim for vibration white finger injury depends on several factors, including:

The severity of your VWF using the Stockholm Workshop Scale

The Stockholm Workshop Scale allows the severity of your vibration white finger condition to be measured in relation to each of your hands and each of the fingers on your hand.

The Scale looks at two components – the vascular (blood and fluid carrying vessels – such as veins and arteries) and the sensorineural (sense of touch, manipulation and numbness created by the nerves).

Vascular is graded from no attacks to vascular system in your hands to the most severe with attacks affecting most fingers and causing the wasting away of the blood vessels in the finger tips.

Sensorineural effect is graded from no effect to most severe being numbness and reduced feeling of touch and reduced ability to manipulate objects.

The more severe your VWF injury the more compensation you will be entitled to claim.

vibration related work equipment
Vibration Related Work Equipment

Important factors that increase your vibration white finger compensation payment

It is not just the severity of the symptoms that will decide how much compensation you can claim for your vibration white finger injury, but also the effect on your:

Ability to work

You may find you are unable to work at all or your ability to work is hampered to a degree.

Ability to partake in hobbies

Your ability to do the hobbies you enjoy might be significantly affected reducing your quality of life.

Social life

You may VWF might restrict your social engagement and social activities you might have previously enjoyed.

Number of fingers affected

The larger the number of fingers that are affected by vibration white finger – the more compensation your will be able to recover.

One or both hands

Some individuals might only have their dominant gand affected – whilst others may have the fingers on both hands affected by white finger. Clearly larger compensation awards will be made if both hands are affected.

Level of pain

Different degrees of VWF will cause you to experience different levels of pain. The more severe the pain the larger compensation payouts you should be awarded.

Generally speaking – the bigger the effect on each of these aspects, the more your VWF compensation settlement is likely to be.

Detailed calculations of VWF compensation payout amounts

Examples of the amount of compensation you can claim in 2023 for pain and suffering, include:

Minor vibration white finger

Symptoms which are not too severe having a limited impact on your ability to work and enjoy your social life will lead to a likely compensation settlement of between £3,000 – £8,700.

Moderate VWF

If your symptoms are such that you are still able to work and although you have attacks – they are typically only in cold weather. Your claim payment is likely to be between £8,700 – £16,800.

More serious white finger compensation

You will likely be having attacks whatever the time of year and your work life and social life will be more affected. Your vibration white finger payout will be worth between £16,800 – £31,700.

Severe VWF payout amounts

You will likely have had to change job as the symptoms are so severe plus your home life will have been significantly affected. You can expect a compensation settlement amount between £31,700 – £38,500.

Add your financial loss and expense to pain and suffering compensation

You are entitled to claim vibration white finger compensation for not only the pain you suffer, but also any financial losses you may have incurred, which can include lost income now and into the future, care and assistance even if provided by family members, medical expenses, and much more.

See our accident at work compensation article to discover all the types of financial loss you can claim as part of your work injury compensation.

We recommend – you keep a diary of all the expenses you incur with original receipts – you can provide this to your solicitor at a later time and a decision can be made as to which expenses can be included in your claim.

We offer free online and telephone help if you suspect you have suffered a vibration white finger injury at work.

You can select the assistance you would like, including: call us direct, ask a question, have your claim assessed.