Compensation Claim Root Canal Operation UK: Dental Clamps Crack Teeth

UK solicitor sets out how to claim compensation if you have suffered damaged teeth due to your dentist’s negligence whether an NHS dentists or a private dentists

Dental negligence victim question

I attended at a NHS dentist in Stockport, Greater Manchester to perform root canal treatment. After the treatment I noticed a pain in the tooth on either side of the tooth that had the root canal procedure performed on.

I wrote a letter of complaint to the dental practise and have received a response indicating that the damage could have been caused by the clamp used on my teeth during the root canal procedure.

I attended with a private dentist and I was told damage to teeth can occur if the clamp is tightened too much during the root canal procedure.

Can I claim compensation for the damage to my teeth which I now understand will require crowns to remedy the cracks caused?

Dental negligence solicitor response

It seems quite clear from the description you have given that you have a potential claim for dental negligence from the first NHS dentist. You have sent a letter of complaint and received a response indicating that the clamps used during the root canal procedure could have caused the damage to your teeth.

This is borne out by the second private dentist confirming that the clamps if set too tightly can cause cracking of the teeth and the treatment you would require to remedy this problem would be a crown for each of your teeth.

Not only would there be a cost for fitting of a crown, but also you have clearly suffered damage to your teeth and pain and suffering.

You are therefore entitled to make a claim for compensation from the first NHS dentist for the damage caused, the cost of further dental treatment both now and in the future and pain and suffering you have incurred.

Dental negligence and clinical negligence both follow a similar procedure. To see the procedure that must be followed to make a claim click medical / dental negligence or to commence your claim online click claim compensation dental negligence.