Failure To Remove Placenta After Childbirth Hospital Negligence Claim: Severe Bleeding Infection Scarring

Clinical negligence solicitor explains when a claim can be made for internal bleeding and further surgical procedures from a hospital’s failure to remove your placenta following childbirth

Hospital negligence victim question

When I gave birth to my son at hospital 6 months ago – the midwife left half the placenta inside me. This was not initially known, but I developed abdominal cramps and severe bleeding and was eventually rushed to hospital by ambulance when I collapsed. I believe that I was close to death due to the level of bleeding which occurred.

Several further procedures were necessary before the whole placenta could be removed, which caused me a great deal of physical and emotional stress.

When I was stitched back up – this was not done correctly as some of the stitches came loose and I developed an infection and have been left as a result with a large unsightly raised scar.

I contacted the NHS Trust and have lodged a written complaint and have been told by a senior doctor that mistakes were made.

I would like to know the procedure for making a claim for medical negligence for the placenta not having been removed correctly and my treatment thereafter.

Clinical negligence solicitor response

From the information you have supplied it certainly seems as though there is a potential claim to be looked into.

The fact that a piece of your placenta was left following the birth of your son does not in itself automatically mean a claim for clinical negligence can be made against the hospital trust, but certainly the fact that this was not identified and it became life threatening coupled with your treatment thereafter including your infection and the below standard stitching needs to be carefully looked into.

You have taken the correct step by making a written complaint via the patient complaints procedure at the NHS Trust and this seems to have resulted in some form of suggestion of fault by a senior doctor at the hospital.

To make a claim you will need the help of a specialist clinical negligence solicitor. Your solicitor will establish fault by sending a letter of claim to the NHS Trust – if liability is not accepted a medical report will be necessary from an independent expert looking at your GP and hospital notes; considering your letter of complaint and the NHS Trust’s response; examining you and considering the circumstances of your treatment.

This expert will give an opinion based on the evidence as to whether it is believed that negligence occurred in your treatment.

If you would like to discuss your treatment with me in person or wish to consider making a clinical negligence claim with a specialist solicitor for failure to remove your placenta after child birth; the need for several procedures to remedy and your infection and scarring due to inadequate stitching click failure to remove placenta following childbirth hospital negligence claim.