Fractured Arm As Child: Hospital Failure To X Ray Leading To Deformity

What you should do if you suffer a broken radius and the hospital fails to x ray your arm resulting in a later deformity lasting for life?

Child Medical Negligence Question

When I was 10 years of age I was involved in an accident at home which was my fault. I was taken to hospital – no x-ray was taken and I was sent home with pain killers and tubigrip.

I was in pain for a couple of months and upon attending my GP was referred for an x ray only to discover that I had fractured my radius and the fracture had not healed correctly . This resulted in extensive corrective treatment and permanent loss of function in my arm.

Can I make a claim?

Clinical Negligence Solicitor Response

So long as you are still under the age of twenty one – potentially you might be able to make a claim.

The first step in any clinical negligence claim is to write a letter of complaint, in this instance to the NHS Trust. The NHS Trust thereafter will respond in writing and based upon this information a clinical negligence solicitor can help determine wither there is a possibility of a claim.

However, from the information you have provided it would seem that you might still have a claim as it is clear that you should have been treated correctly such that your fracture should have been noticed and your bone set correctly.

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