UK injury claim solicitor explains the importance of hospital and GP notes in making a claim for personal injury following an accident

Injury claim solicitor: Find out why your medical notes are essential in describing your injuries for the purpose of making a personal injury claim, why you do not need to obtain your medical notes yourself prior to instructing a solicitor to commence your claim for compensation; how your solicitor obtains access to your GP and hospital notes using a consent form signed by yourself with free online specialist solicitor legal help and assistance.

Personal Injury Accident Victim Question

I was involved in a road traffic accident whilst riding my motorcycle from Carlisle to Dunnet Head on the North coast of Scotland via Inverness.

injury claim solicitor

Injury Claim Solicitor

I was taken to hospital in an ambulance and suffered significant injuries to my left arm and leg: a displaced fractured humerus in my upper arm, a simple fracture to my radius in my forearm and a broken tibia and fibula in my lower leg.

The transit van driver is being prosecuted as he was speaking on the phone at the time of the accident.

I wish to make a claim, but need to know if I have to get my medical notes from my hospital or GP before I contact a solicitor to commence a claim?

Personal Injury Claims Solicitor Response

Whether you motor bike accident occurred in Scotland or England the answer to this question is the same – you will not need to obtain your medical notes before contacting a lawyer.

This is generally true for all forms of RTA or any other personal injury claim.

A lawyer does need to make a quick assessment of your injuries to ensure they are worth over a threshold amount to warrant the instruction of a solicitor and to allow recovery of the majority of legal costs from the party at fault – here the van driver and his motor insurer.

This assessment can be done by a brief description of your injuries to the lawyer concerned and your brief description of your various fractured and broken bones in your arms and legs will suffice to show that your claim is well in excess of the threshold amount.

Once instructed your solicitor will obtain a medical report from an independent medical expert to fully describe your injuries. Given that you have primarily suffered from fractured and broken bones – the appropriate medical expert would be an orthopaedic surgeon.

To properly describe your injuries the expert will need access to your GP and hospital notes, but this will be done formally by having a consent form signed by yourself for release of these medical notes direct from your GP and treating hospital. Access to your x-rays will also be necessary.

Injury Claim Solicitor Free Legal Help Following A Motorcycle RTA

If you would like to discuss your accident with me in person free of charge or commence an online claim for your injuries (fractured humerus and radius in your arm and broken tibia and fibula in your leg) with a specialist injury claim solicitor click injury claim solicitor / accident compensation lawyer.