Hire Purchase Cars UK: can I claim compensation for the damage to my hp car and for personal injuries for a collision involving a hit and run driver?

Hire purchase cars UK: I recently bought a car on hire purchase and was involved in a collision in London which was not my fault. The driver responsible for the crash left the scene before I could get any details, but the police caught up with him and he is being prosecuted. I have suffered quite bad whiplash injuries and my car is damaged beyond repair.

My car was only insured third party fire and theft, so although I cannot use it I am still making repayments to the hire purchase company.

Is there a way I can claim for the damage to my car as well as for my whiplash injuries?

To decide if you can claim compensation for damage to hire purchase cars UK I suggest you consider the following steps:

hire purchase cars uk

Hire Purchase Cars UK

1. Consider the insurance requirements under the hire purchase agreement

It is normally part of a UK hire purchase agreement that cars should be comprehensively insured.

You should therefore read the terms of the HP agreement carefully as it might be the case that the HP company should have ensured that the correct insurance was in place, so you might have an argument to dispute further payment on the basis of being misinformed.

2. Claim from the driver who is being prosecuted for your accident

It could well be the case that the driver being prosecuted had in place a valid form of motor insurance in which case you can claim compensation for your whiplash injuries and vehicle damage from the guilty driver – his legal liability being met by his motor insurer.

3. Claim from the Motor Insurers Bureau if the driver did not have a valid form of insurance policy

The MIB will act as though it is the guilty driver’s insurer and meet the majority of your claim for vehicle damage and personal injury under the uninsured drivers agreement.

Click accident car insurance to read the page I have written explaining all about car insurance and claiming compensation from the Motor Insurers Bureau.

If you are in doubt as to whether the driver was insured the police will have the requisite details or if there is an unresolves issue with insurance you should notify the Motor Insurers Bureau immediately who will quickly establish if vehicle insurance was in place.

4. The legal cost of claiming compensation for damage to hire purchase cars UK and for personal injury

You can avoid paying your solicitors legal costs yourself by using a no win no fee agreement or claiming on your motor insurance legal protection policy – if available.

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5. Free online legal help with your road traffic accident claim

My website has several ways have providing free online legal help to accident victims.

Click hire purchase cars UK to select from the options available including asking an online legal question or a free call back to discuss claiming compensation for hire purchase cars uk.